Making a Difference with R20

Today brings us to the last day of September 2015, a month we all enjoyed and together welcomed Spring, a month we all supported New Jerusalem Children’s Home ‘Making a […]

What can you do with R20 in a month?

Yes, you are right but let’s see what many might do with it, probably tip a waiter, buy airtime, forget they have spent it – list is endless, our second […]


It was wild celebration and smiles all around as the New Jerusalem children’s home boys defeated their longtime rivals Glen Austin High Boys Soccer Team to claim the top spot […]

Arbor Day Meets NJCH Peace Garden!

Thank You to RS-Components for being part of this year’s Arbor Day celebrations at New Jerusalem Children’s Home ‘NJCH’. One of the true joys of spring and summer is getting […]

Amazing three kids

Its every parent’s dream to see their children prosper and being amongst the best, being called to school and being told “your child has been selected to represent the whole […]

Arbor Day celebration

First day of September is known as the national Arbor Day, which means tree. On the 1st of September 2015 New Jerusalem Children’s Home ‘NJCH’ hosted Shell South Africa which […]

Shine bright like diamonds

What comes close to this beauty, you got that one right – nothing does for this is the unbeatable beauty, action and smile. When OBMP children welcomed spring on the […]

The artistic hand

Do You Know The Last Sowetan Artist: David Mbele? As promised New Jerusalem Children’s Home is constantly looking for ways to push the proverbial envelope and be the best in […]