Shine bright like diamonds

OBMP_2What comes close to this beauty, you got that one right – nothing does for this is the unbeatable beauty, action and smile.

When OBMP children welcomed spring on the 1st of September, they made a bold statement announcing to the world that they only celebrate in style.

On the 1st September 2015 Orange Babies Montessori Pre-School hosted a fun-filled beauty pageant, Miss Orange Babies – future Miss World. All lovely contestants were brimming with wide smiles from ear to ear as they walked down the ramp full of confidence and spunk. The air was filled with music and loud innocent cheers from kids as they encouraged one another in blissful celebration. That indeed, is how we say good bye to a cold winter and welcome to a warm summer.

We are grateful for the support of all parents who have trusted Orange Babies Montessori Pre-School with the education of their children. Part of our key educational value is to instill confidence in our children, through which, at this event we have seen the best of all our children from future Miss World’s, public speakers of the world, brand ambassadors of our nation and leaders. These children are ready to grow without fear of becoming whoever they want to be and it is only our joy that we are privileged to witness them at the beginning of their fruitful and adventurous journeys.

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