Celebrating Africa day

As South Africa and the African continent came together to celebrate Africa Day on the 25th May 2016, New Jerusalem Children’s Home also joined the African celebration rhythm and officially […]

Do you remember?

Do you remember the good O-days of playing without shoes, days of having just a pair of shoes, nights of kiwi polish and removing it in the morning with a […]

Our girls at Oprah Winfrey

One of the most important question we always get from you on your visit to the home is “what school do your children go to” and our answer has always […]

Flying our flags at Wits

Given a chance to share your passion and love of what you do has never been easy in today’s life, people are busy and time is never on anyone’s hands. […]

Sisters dress our children

Months of dedication and talks with friends and colleagues, sleepless nights which aimed at putting a smile on faces of the less-gifted by the Chiloane sisters, finally paid out on […]