Sisters dress our children


Raymond Madibog – NJCH Comms Manager, Tebogo Chiloane and Nthabee Chiloane at the event (dress a child)

Months of dedication and talks with friends and colleagues, sleepless nights which aimed at putting a smile on faces of the less-gifted by the Chiloane sisters, finally paid out on Saturday 30th April 2016 when the remarkable sisters, Tebogo and Nthabee Chiloane uniting all their friends and colleagues on the great lawn of Mushroom Lounge in Pretoria to drive a dress a child camping for 88 children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home with new winter cloth’s and shoes.

Many have always said it starts with identifying a need, some think it’s about making a difference and being known for getting things done, the Chiloane sisters believe it’s about honouring seconds of your life and giving where possible, allowing others to touch and making a difference to those you wish to see being better tomorrow. The sisters have mobilised friends and colleagues asked them to buy or donate any new clothing item or a pair of shoes for a child at New Jerusalem Children’s Home. Making all their friends see beyond giving and to dress a child like it was their own child.

“It’s easy for someone to donate an old clothing item to a child or someone sleeping under the bridge, but it makes much more difference when someone who hasn’t put on a new clothing item to smell a new jean, top or to put that new pair of shoes after taking out all the papers or removing a price tags off it, it builds a person’s confident and makes them wish to live a renewed life daily, it gives them a positive perception towards life and this is what we are trying to attain as sisters together with all our friends and colleagues who supported our first Dress a child drive”. Said Tebogo Chiloane.

“As people, young adults of today we turn not to see real things which we can truly change and make a difference in lives of the less-gifted, we turn to think of we, we, we and turn a total blind eye to matters which can truly impact positively on a child’s life and on those taking care of that child, added Nthabee Chiloane – I at times think of myself when I go out to meet friends, shoes turn to be important than a dress, then_ what about a teenager at New Jerusalem Children’s Home who might wish to attend a school mate’s birth party or go on a school trip were a school uniform will not be needed? She, Nthabee,” added

Young and alive with possibilities; the Chiloane sisters could have spent their last day of Freedom month anyway in the country if not the province, they could have got together with their friends and celebrated their young-adult life in style or explored life differently, but they choose to dedicate their day and many more of their weeks planning and putting together this day, dress a child, trying to put a smile on a child’s face, to present a child with new cloths and a pair of shoes.

Chiloane sister’s good deeds reminds us of our very own founding sister, Mme Anna and Mme Phina Mojapelo who gave it all up to better lives of the less gifted, vulnerable, socially and medically challenged children and youth – sisters who asked all their friends and colleagues to assist them make a difference in lives of the medically threatened and socially challenged children and youth.

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