Educate Our Children

New Jerusalem believes that the key to freeing Africa from its shackles of poverty is by investing in its children and youth. Through quality education the dreams of children are given wings to become reality. New Jerusalem is a custodian of quality education and it plans to achieve this by adding quality Montessori primary education to its already existing Montessori preschool.

Make a sustainable living a reality

• Assist in realization of vision 2021 through active participation.
• Help build required infrastructure
• Donate your professional skills and time

• Order vegetables and herbs from our organic market.
• Order bread, cookies, scones, and cakes from our bakery.
• Buy and support our vast craft products like postcards, artwork, and curios

• Help Green the environment: Donate seeds, trees, garden furniture, and gym tools.
• Donation of paving and building materials.
• Donate technical/professional skills and time.
• Donate clothes, groceries, toiletries, stationery, and daily consumables

• Auxiliary social worker and nursing training
• Child and youth care training
• Montessori ECD and development training
• Christ consciousness training
• Computer programming & skills training
• Sustainable development and community training