New Jerusalem Children’s Home has been championing rights of children for the past 21 years, we are learning and leading our work in providing services. We believe in an active mind of a child in social acceptable aftercare actives.

This year the home is celebrating its 21st birthday, in that light we expressed the dream of seeing New Jerusalem as a perfect model of sustainable living, the Midrand community consciously caring for the environment.  New Jerusalem Children’s Home Vision 2021 is a response to the dreams of innocent children for a better tomorrow, it is a challenge to the home, to be in the forefront of organisations spreading positive change and transformation within communities and South Africa at large. 

Being an NGO and a public benefit organization we have been playing our part in communities surrounding us.

Our children have been actively involved in parating in community programs aiming to build their morals and acceptance of the world around them irrespective of their daily life challenges, they have been part of:

  • Community cleaning projects
  • Social debates in youth redirection
  • Home cleaning programs