Which one can you help us with?

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, boys residential unit pie has got smaller over the past months, we believe that many of you hold this words closer to their hearts “It takes a village to

Lets catch-up

“A friend is someone you share the path with” this we are taught by African Proverbs. They further teach us that “Children are the reward of life” Over the past months we were talking about the difficult economic times, which are affecting the day-to-day running of New Jerusalem Children’s Home – more the completion of […]

Thank you

One of the writers – Ralph Waldo Emerson – once said “The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it” New Jerusalem Children’s Home has been decorated by friends, donors, sponsors and partners on Mandela Day. New Jerusalem Children’s Home; welcomed cheerful givers from 3 July 2017, the organisation hosted 450 individual men […]

If you build it well

“If you build it well, a satisfaction comes. An honour to say I built that with fidelity, purpose, value and integrity” said Richard L. Ratliff ― a road to getting the boys residential unit to its current finishing stages has truly so far been – purposeful and valuable.

Save the date – 2017 AGM

New Jerusalem Children’s Home would like you to save the date for the Annual General Meeting, the presentation of the organisations finances, support received, programs offered to children, developments of the organisation and the presentation on the progress towards vision 2021. The invitation is further extended to you, to meet the Board of Directors of […]