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“A friend is someone you share the path with” this we are taught by African Proverbs. They further teach us that “Children are the reward of life”

Mme Anna Mojapelo, CEO of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, briefing members of the public during Mandela Day

Over the past months we were talking about the difficult economic times, which are affecting the day-to-day running of New Jerusalem Children’s Home – more the completion of the current building project – the boys residential unit. This time around I wish to share the good news with you, we know this will make you smile and giggle all the way to the end of this article.

In the coming month, September 2017 – New Jerusalem Children’s Home will be celebrating its 17th year. Yes it has been that long since the home was established. Not only that that, in the coming four years, the year 2021 – we will be celebrating our 21st birthday, a number of our children – will be turning 21 years old in the year 2021. We know you are already thinking 21st birthday celebration – we have the same thought in mind, celebration of both our children and the home 21st.

Certainly, we all know that before a celebration, they must be preparations – preparing children’s well-being, their journey, getting children ready to hold their achievements and talk about them – be it holding a Matric certificate – which New Jerusalem Children’s Home, is proud to say – two of our beneficiaries are already holding a Matric certificate. That is not enough, we are positive every parent will agree with us on that. Come the year 2021 – we want them to be holding a diploma/degree being skilled and marketable, who knows – they might even be working at that time. We are anticipating this, simply because we have started with the preparation for their 21st birthday celebration.

Presently we have 88 children and youth in our care, who are permanent residents of the home. Mme Anna and Mme Phina Mojapelo are truly blessed to be entrusted with so many beautiful children and youth. They are all attending a formal education, pre-school, primary and secondary education.

See today we are catching-up – we truly want you to be part of us and know what is happening at New Jerusalem Children’s Home – being a home of so many beautiful children and youth, we meet challenges. The current challenge and seen as our short-term challenge, is the adequate sheltering of boys within our home.

We are certain, that it was communicated to in our previous communique by our CEO – Mme Anna Mojapelo. We need finishing building materials to complete the boys residential unit and have the boys enjoying their sleeps, space and developing a better perception of life. Here is what we are still looking for – Plumbing R55 076, 93 – Electrical R49 180, 53 – Windows 81 909, 00 (glasses) – Gutters R26 904.00 the amounts listed are as per the quotations we have received.

Our second challenge is the psychological wellbeing of children and youth – see when we get to the year 2021 – we want to have children with strong emotional intelligence, we want them to look back and see their background as a foundation for a resilience and persistence life – all this starts now – by helping them understand current circumstances and clearly defining their own socially acceptable path and working harder to bettering their lives between walls of New Jerusalem Children’s Home and the community at large.

Other challenges are common in the NGO – children’s home sector – funding is running dry in the sector, children and youth programs are cut-off in the organisations due to lack of funding, corporate donors are not really looking to fund operations of NGO’s – by operations we refer to – water (R27 000+) and electricity (R18 000+) petrol for children and youth movement (R12 000) security, guards (R13 500) and health needs (R6 500). See this are essential operational costs New Jerusalem Children’s Home need to cover on a monthly base – telephone and data needs not included – let alone the salaries.

We, New Jerusalem Children’s Home – Board of Directors, Management and staff – remain committed to giving a child the best we can – we have academically inclined children – they are “A” students – we wish to have them sponsored in a more privet school – we already have a child sponsored in privet school – his esteem is well boosted – imagine having three or more children from the home attaining the same level of education – close your eyes and think of a 21st celebration and what a child will be saying about the support you have given him/her throughout their schooling days.

Today we are saying “lets catch-up” know us, our vision – our challenges and see how you can help. By helping we are saying – make a once-off, monthly or annual commitment towards helping a child. Help us, invest in a solution – invest in a community development – this being – bettering a child today. Help us grow socially acceptable and an economically participating professional. An old Botswana man once said “Beautiful words don’t put porridge in the pot” please help us, from this conversation onward – better the children and youth lives – lets give them a better tomorrow. Make a contribution of however much to New Jerusalem Children’s Home.

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