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One of the writers – Ralph Waldo Emerson – once said “The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it” New Jerusalem Children’s Home has been decorated by friends, donors, sponsors and partners on Mandela Day.

Teenagers of New Jerusalem Children’s Home on Mandela Day, after playing netball with Eskom Academy of learning

New Jerusalem Children’s Home; welcomed cheerful givers from 3 July 2017, the organisation hosted 450 individual men and women. People and organisations coming with a common goal, a goal to create an enabling environment for the orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children. The organization invited the many people to assist with the maintenance of the current buildings and further asked for help with the building material and support of the currently built boy’s residential unit, which still needs your support.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home; is located on a 24 000+ square meters yard, it has a total of six different buildings, which includes; the first house of the home – presently serving as a main kitchen and its bedrooms as sleeping rooms for the smaller children, a building serving as a bakery, which is used as an income-generating project for the home, an old double garage, presently housing the boys and the container house, which accommodate all girls of the home, lastly the pre-school building and the administration block.

With a number of buildings within one yard, it is evident that New Jerusalem Children’s Home, needed a number of hands invited during the Mandela month. The celebration of Mandela Day/month at New Jerusalem Children’s Home saw a visit by the deputy minister of The Department of Communications, Ms Tandi Mahambehlala – who had spent her morning getting her hands on the ground, sharing the planting of the Abelia Grandiflora plants together with Mr. Sandile Khumalo of Aegis Outsourcing South Africa Pty Ltd, with an aim of greeting a new green wall for the home. The minister shared most her day meeting and greeting corporates communities as they were doing their Mandela Day activities at the home.

South African and corporate communities at large are busy, they have much on their table to attain within their day limited time, consumer line to service. We appreciate and value every single of them for taking time off and coming to make a difference, to create an enabling environment for children – who so much need support and love, said Mme Anna Mojapelo – Managing Director of the home. Not only having them (corporate communities) coming out, but seeing them doing something valuable, creating tables in the eating area, planting trees, maintaining the food garden and planting new seedlings to painting, cleaning – spending time with the kids – keeping in mind that this are men and women who are not trained in the construction nor farming field. Seeing them making a donation of the much needed essentials for the completion of the boys residential unit, doors, curtain(s) rails and ceiling and daily needs of the home. She added.

Looking at the 2016/2017 economic state of the world, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, is thankful to have welcomed so many corporate communities and have recorded so much good they have done. Many of the corporates could have chosen not to support or spend money, but they all chose to do so much than we had thought they would – many of the much needed material towards the newly built residential unit, the maintenance work in the existing buildings; we are thankful. To all corporate communities and individual men/women, who came in their numbers to help us maintain and create an enabling environment for children – to you we say – Thank you.

You/your company; might be looking for an activity in a children’s home as a group/corporate, its never too late nor early to help – it doesn’t have to be a certain day to touch a child’s life. New Jerusalem Children’s Home is open and call upon corporate communities to come in their numbers to assist. We still have painting needs in the boys residential unit, we need window glasses, plumbing and electrical material – wooden bunker beds, wall-wardrobe, wall kitchen unit, dining sets and lounge suite for the newly built boys residential unit.

“Every time you do a good deed, you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing is, when you’re gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back.”

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