If you build it well

The painted walls of the boys residential unit

“If you build it well, a satisfaction comes. An honour to say I built that with fidelity, purpose, value and integrity” said Richard L. Ratliff ― a road to getting the boys residential unit to its current finishing stages has truly so far been – purposeful and valuable.

The amount of integrity from you all, making and honouring pledges is humbling. I am sure you might be looking forward to the official date of the handover and to the first morning of children waking up to tell a story of how they slept in this long awaited building, to see how their lives will come to be once settled under their new roof.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, has been hands on – trying to attain the remaining essentials of the construction work, this being – electrical and plumbing material and window glasses. The three have been quoted at R143 166, 46 labour exclusive. Our service providers have asked for R43 000-00 for both the electrical and plumbing labour. We are in need of R186 166, 46 to have the building completed.

The financial need to sources for the needed material and services, happens to be our challenge – as New Jerusalem Children’s Home to give a sure date for the official opening and handover of the building. We have already missed the May – Africa Day, we had thought Woman’s Month will bring the materials we need to complete the building, which we did not attain from May month to this day.

We are however hopeful that things will get better during the Woman’s Month and see the building being completed.

What’s the update to-date?

During the Mandela month, we had cheerful givers coming in their numbers to assist us, we have seen corporate communities donating all the interior doors for the building, curtain rails and applying contractor paint on both inside and outside walls of the building, leaving a room for the three main building material as mentioned.

The ceiling work has commenced and already covered all the bigger spaces of the building – moving into the bedrooms. Tiling is ready after the ceiling work is done – to have all the scaffolds moved out of the building. Doors and curtain rails are already onsite and ready for installation, they are only waiting for the completion of tiling and final application of the finishing paint.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home believes you can assist – you came a long way with us and we are forever humbled by your willing heart in bettering a child’s life. Value every support, be it small or big – your giving always remind us the Tanzanian proverb “two ants do not fail to pull one grasshopper.”

To get ways of getting involved in the pulling of this grasshopper – helping us to complete the boys residential unit, please contact our Public Relations and Communications Manager on Raymondm@njch.org.za | 082 739 5177 | 010 224 0459

Together we can set a new achievable handover date and allow the children to psychologically develop and positively impact on their communities as they grow older.

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