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New Jerusalem Children’s Home, boys residential unit – support still needed, depicted on a pie.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, boys residential unit pie has got smaller over the past months, we believe that many of you hold this words closer to their hearts “It takes a village to raise a child”.

We thank you for having a cup of coffee with us, for picking the pieces doughnut you have chosen, for giving our boys hope. Confidence that they will soon move into their new residential unit.

Last week we posted pictures of the tiling progress, a step closer to moving the children into the newly built residential unit. On Sunday we showed them, children and youth of the home, pictures of the progress, from when we started with the brick work to the tiling work – currently underway. Their smiles and giggles, were heart-warming. You can see how much they want the building, we showed them pictures of all the rooms – we told them that, in bigger rooms they will be 4 bunk beds – allowing only 8 boys in this specious rooms, each with his own wardrobe, the medium sized bed rooms will take 2 bunk beds and they will shelter 4 children, yes each owning a wardrobe too.

Its amazing how touching it is, hearing children whispering to each other “I will be sharing with you, no mara the bigger rooms will be more fun” giggling, wearing that child excitement on their faces – the feeling was priceless.

We would like you to ask you for assistance, please take a piece, chose one of this much needed support, we do understand that economic times are still a bit difficult. New Jerusalem Children’s Home, knows that you can help, be it with all or one of the below;

Plumbing. R55 076,93 (as per quote)
Copper pipes
PVC pipes

x9 basin taps
x8 shower mixers
x9 toilet seats and flash tanks
x9 basins

Electrical. R49 180,53 (as per quote)
Main power line – cable
Lights wires
Lights (both interior and security)

Windows. 81 909,00 (glasses) (as per quote)

Gutters R26 904.00 (as quoted)
Slim tanks – Rain harvest tanks

You are welcome to have a piece, choose one. The building is on the phase it is because you because you once said “Many hands make light work”

Please feel free to contact us on 010 224 0458/59 | 082 739 5177 | 082 732 7832 | RaymondM@njch.org.za | info@njch.org.za and lets give a child the best he already has in his mind, making it a reality will certainly be the first step to assuring him of life’s many possibilities.

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