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Mme Anna’s spring birthday celebration with the children of the home on her birthday, 2 September 2017.

On this day – Tuesday, 5 September 2017 – the world is coming together to celebrate International Day of Charity. South Africa is one of the countries counted amongst the many who are celebrating this warm heartfelt

 day across the world.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, a 17 years old children’s home – nurturing the orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth – would like to invite you to celebrate this remarkable day irrespective of where you are, be it in your office, home or on the road – please smile and say to yourself “my hand will forever stretch to better the needy”.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home – has a long standing wish, a desire already initiated in 2016, a need to positively impact children and youth’s psychology through a residential unit. A roof aiming to adequately shelter the socially and medically challenged children and youth. As the world come together to celebrate this heartfelt day in our lives, New Jerusalem Children’s Home would like to ask for your support, support towards the completion of the boys residential unit, a much needed structure, which is 85% ready to sheltering and bettering children and youth lives, to change a child perception and give them assurance of a healthier future.

Charitable hearts are invited to celebrate the International Day of Charity, to assist New Jerusalem Children’s Home with any of the mentioned key building needs, support which will see all our children being well sheltered and their psychological needs being addressed between a well-built structure, with the child’s privacy, mental and developmental needs in mind.

We come to ask for your support, with an aim of answering a hard question posed by our children in our one-on-one child counselling sessions. The question being “when will we have the privacy in our bedrooms, the same privacy our sisters have in their rooms in the container house?”

Please assist us with one of the below essentials, support we are requesting from you will certainly answer the question asked by the children, lets celebrate this day with one or two of the below:-

Plumbing. R55 076, 93 (as per quote)
Copper pipes
PVC pipes
x9 basin taps
x8 shower mixers
x9 toilet seats and flash tanks
x9 basins

Electrical. R49 180, 53 (as per quote)
Main power line – cable
Lights wires
Lights (both interior and security)

Windows. 81 909, 00 (glasses) (as per quote)

Gutters R26 904.00 (as quoted)
Slim tanks – Rain harvest tanks

We wish you a warm International Day of Charity, please feel free to contact us on; 010 224 0458/59 | 082 739 5177 | 082 732 7832 | RaymondM@njch.org.za | info@njch.org.za

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