Arbor Day celebration

First day of September is known as the national Arbor Day, which means tree.

On the 1st of September 2015 New Jerusalem Children’s Home ‘NJCH’ hosted Shell South Africa which came out to clean the garden, plant fruit trees and to install a water tank, the event aim was to green the organisation, drive awareness of tree planting, clean, green environment and to celebrate the national Arbor Day, trees planted are not only trees but fruits trees which are vital for future food security plans of NJCH.

Arbor Month

It was red tops and passion; digging the grounds and measuring distance between the trees to the team this was fun and memories to take home, prepared to create an orchard with 28 different trees was like a dream for New Jerusalem Children’s Home, a well-planned tree rows, where to plant which one proved their love for tree planting and understanding of fruit tree planting, the team worked together to put a water tank up which they supported it with a stone built slap, the water tank will be used to harvest and store rain water, it will not only store water but the stored water will be used to irrigate and ensure survival of the trees.

Water preservation in our planet is the biggest thing, we have seen water running out in other parts of south Africa, at one point in Cape Town people were asked not to wash their cars because of water scarcity, we have heard of possible dry land in other parts of the country, Department of Water Affairs is even saying “the next world war will not be over something big” their predictions are that the next world war will be over clean and drinkable water, in their statement they are asking people of South Africa to save and preserve water and avoid unrest over this life necessity.

Shell came to donate a water tank, which New Jerusalem Children’s Home will be using to harvest rain water and to water fruit trees planted “we believe our hand on this Arbor Day does not only address beautifying and greening of New Jerusalem Children’s Home but also touches food security and answer to the national call of planting and keeping trees alive and saving the planet with just a tree, fruits from this trees is just a cherry on top, may rain water harvested and stored in this tank, forever keep fruit trees planted greener for the sustainability of the environment and bearing fruits for food securing to feed our communities” Said Shell South Africa’s team member Mpho Mosima.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home continues to dedicate itself to being an eco-friendly home, we see the installation of a water tank as an important thing as it will help in harvesting rain water, we all need to understand that if water is not harvested it runs and erode the top soil, fresh fruits from our very own orchard is beyond food security, it address many heathy meal yet to be prepared from fruits bared by this trees, said NJCH Centre Manager Nana Pheto.

Make your mark and beautify a community this September month, clean, plant a tree or fix a park for children to have a greener environment around them.


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