Amazing three kids

Its every parent’s dream to see their children prosper and being amongst the best, being called to school and being told “your child has been selected to represent the whole district in x subject, your child’s portfolio is amongst the selected which will be assessed for international scholarship” this is every parents dream.


New Jerusalem Children’s Home has vowed to the nation that “we will learn and lead our work in providing services in; Provision of 24 hour RESIDENTIAL CARE and support for orphans and vulnerable children – LIFE SKILLS TRAINING (environmental Management, Baking and perma culture/gardening) – FACILITATION OF HOSTING, REUNIFICATION AND FOSTER CARE PLACEMENTS – EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM (mainstream education, early learning development and Aftercare Teaching)” today we stand proud to present our very own children who have well received our teachings and even went beyond to impress us in bettering their educational wellbeing.

The three have come to understand that education is a key to success, we are happy that they came to know this at an early age of schooling, in this year alone they have produced A/B’s in their school reporting, not only that but also have identified what they would like to be when they complete their high school education, from a child their age you would expect them to wish for a simple profession, not with this three, they talk complicated professions which we look at each other as staff members of the home and be like “how possible is it that a primary scholar knows this profession”

However this tells that our aftercare educational program which aim in bettering our children’s educational well-being is ensuring sharper minds in the home, this children are our educational shining stars to date with proven grades and commitment, our wish as an organisation is to ensure that all our children be as shining stars as every parent might wish irrespectively, keeping in mind that we have children from different social background and with different medical needs.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home call members of the public to sponsor children’s educational program of the home by committing R40.00 a month for the coming 12 months, we are also calling community members, by community members we mean corporate and individual publics, to sponsor a child educational fees in a school of their choice. The three girls are in a public school but their discipline and commitment to teaching and learning is amazing.

Please see our banking details for child’s educational well-being commitment of R40.00 a month, you can commit on a monthly base or do an annual sponsorship of R480.00

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