Arbor Day Meets NJCH Peace Garden!

IMG_4971Thank You to RS-Components for being part of this year’s Arbor Day celebrations at New Jerusalem Children’s Home ‘NJCH’. One of the true joys of spring and summer is getting to see the perfect mixture of nature in a busy bubbly city like Johannesburg. Having the chance to see the green, white, yellow, red, and blue colors emanating from different spaces where flowers and trees form the perfect mosaic among the flurry of buildings and roads is what really makes Johannesburg the green city that it has come to be internationally known by. At NJCH we pride ourselves in aligning our existence around eco-friendliness, believing that it is important to live as one with nature and preserve it. On this account we are able to make great strides on a yearly basis through Arbor Week by engaging the public and corporate’s in projects that promote our environmental causes.

This year our focus was to plant a substantial number of trees around the president park community. We started off by planting 28 fruit trees across the vast grounds of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, these trees will then grow and fruit allowing for more propagation around the community. This project in years to come will contribute to our food security actions by having the trees provide fruit ready for consumption.

A second project that was focused on this year was the addition of more grass around the home to prevent the degrading state of soil leading to great amounts of dust in the air. 100 Square Meters of Lawn grass was kindly donated by RS- Components and went towards the establishment of New Jerusalem Children’s Home Peace Garden. The Peace Garden is an area designated for the children and visitors of the home who require a peaceful and tranquil space that is strongly connected to nature to aid in meditation, reflection, and bonding among children and their loved ones. To make this project a reality we are left with just 200 square meters of grass needed and call for any kind hearts to aid in making it possible.

Thank You all for a Fantastic Arbor Month and may we work together to keep our environment beautiful.

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