Thank you for a good 2016

Greetings all; In a few weeks’ time we will be saying “Merry Christmas – compliments of the new season – Happy New Year”

NJCH Admin team from left to right: Ilidio Dongua, Raymond Madibogo, Paul Muduma, Nana Pheto, Anna Mojapelo, Annique Addai – Afriyie, Phina Mojapelo and Moetapele Phalafala

I always get this beautiful smile on my face every time I close my eyes and start to think about what you have brought to New Jerusalem Children’s Home throughout the year 2016. When the year 2016 started; we never thought it will be such prosperous year for us as a home of 88 orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth – the economic state of our country was challenging, it was not an easy year for you to give in a way you would have loved to give to our children.

Given all the economic challenges we were all challenged with during the year, you managed to keep our doors open, you remembered us and never stopped caring for us, you invited your friends to visit our home, you showed them how you are making a difference in a child’s life, we believe you told them that “this is the cause I am dedicated to, you are welcome to join me” we think this are your words and will always be conversation you to have with your friends – we believe this because the 2016 economic condition have left many in financial crisis but we managed to survive because we had you in our lives and we are certain that you will be with us till end of times.

Question is, what did we attain together throughout this tough year?

Together we changed the land scape at New Jerusalem Children’s Home; but most importantly you helped us send our children to school with a brand new full school uniform, shoes and bags included – in their school bags you have put in the stationary and a lunch box, you took care of our children’s back to school and further made sure that they come back home to a freshly cooked meal and a warm clean home. How do I start to thank you for such a parental responsibility you carried out in our organisation?

You heard us when we called for your support, remember when we said “now it’s time – we can no longer wait, we need a better roof over our boy’s heads, we need to move them out of a double that was converted into a dormitory to shelter the boys”?

We saw you donating towards the building of the boy’s residential unit. I am sure that you will be happy to know that the building is now on a roof level, all this has been because of you. I am truly humbled by your good deeds, its makes me to hope for even a better future for all the children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home. Thank you for giving us hope, for keeping our faith and charity alive.

One might ask that – now that we have attained so much together what would you like us to do in the coming year?

Caring for 88 to 90 children throughout the year needs all of us, it even needs us to invite our family members, friends and corporate communities for the betterment of a child within New Jerusalem Children’s Home. Our daily essentials remain on top of the list, children’s daily food (monthly groceries) is one of the areas I would really ask for your help, I would like to ask you to please donate food towards our children in the coming year going forward, you can find our monthly wish list by clicking here.

We still need your help with the building material for the third construction phase and the finishing of the much needed structure – boys residential unit, we are on the roof level now, we need assistance with the roof, cements for plastering, electrical and plumbing components, glazing, doors tiling, celling, paving, painting and cleaning of the construction site after all the good work before the handover and the official opening of the building. Please click here to see what we still need and what has been completed as of this day.

Most importantly we would like to see you taking part in the event of our organisation, in the coming year we will be opening our doors to you for your community outreach, remember we have a food garden, sports ground, play areas, a bakery to name a few, which needs your touch and your corporate assistance – we will be opening our doors to you to assist us in this areas and many more other areas within our organisation.

Like every home, we have bright children who are who are exceptional performers academically, well behaved and focused to make a difference – it is my wish to have them attending a private school, a school which will awake both their talents and keep them focused on learning, teaching, sporting and or arts and culture hidden talents. We wish to invite you to sponsor a child’s educational life in a school of your choice, remember – education is a key to success, what more will it be if passion is added to it, please sponsor a passionate child in education in the coming year.

You are welcome to make your donation during this thanks giving period, donations can be cash donations towards the boys residential unit or as per our monthly wish list. May you please have a safe and a happy festive period, I wish you a happy prosperous 2017.

Cheers!!! I hope to see you in the coming year

Mme Anna Mojapelo – Managing director

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