A Happy New Year to you

We have seen first days of the first month showering us with light and heavy rains here and there but mostly peaceful.

Veronica Mhlanga and Anna Mojapelo

I wish to welcome you to yet another victorious year, a year in which New Jerusalem Children’s Home will be celebrating its 17th birthday. I know you had a safe travelling to your destinations and I believe you had a restful festive period filled with fun and festivity – more importantly I believe you had enough time with family and friends.

The year 2017 brings so much joy to me, one of our children – Veronica Mhlanga hasgiven us a beautiful smile. In the year 2016 she was doing grade 12, she gave it her best, today I am happy to announce that she has passed her matric and hold a National Senior Certificate, she has opened educational opportunities for herself and this brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Question is what does she want to study going forward?

She has interest in studying interior design, it is amazing how big she dreams – I would like to ask for your assistance as we try to give her the tertiary education she is asking for.

Looking back at the year 2016 I glow with a smile, I feel tears in my eyes and start a laughter with an inner giggle. The love you have shared with us and joy you have given to New Jerusalem Children’s Home is beyond measures. Given the economic situation of our country in 2016, you made it easy for us to get through the year, for that I say “thank you”.

Boys residential unit during the construction of the support pillars

As we enter into the year 2017, I would like you to smile and giggle just as I am. Remember the boys residential unit? Yes the much-needed structure of the home that will be adequately sheltering boys who are currently sleeping in an old double garage that was converted into a dormitory in the year 2009 to just shelter the child? Last year we mentioned that we were continuing with the construction of the building, to have all the children of the home well sheltered in a safe and child friendly environment. Before we went to the festive, we needed some of the vital building material to complete the building phase of the structure, to name a few – need:

  • R288 167.02 to cover the roof difference
  • 60 cubic of plastering sand
  • 80 cubic of river sand
  • 350 bags of cement
  • Electrical and plumbing cubing

Please click here to see our updated building material needs documents – as we take a step into the year 2017, I would like us to step into the year with a smile, hope that all our efforts will better children’s life.

I wish you a happy and prosperous 2017.


Mme Anna Mojapelo

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