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builders setting door frames of the boys residential unit bedrooms

Have you wondered how far the boys residential unit might be by now? Wonder no more, you will find a link to the pictures of the current status of the building at the end of this article.

On the 1st November 2016 we can confirm that our builders have completed 95% of the outside walls of the boys residential unit brick work, they are now focusing on the inside walls that divide the rooms and give the whole building a clear picture of what it is and what it will be once the brickwork of the structure is done.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home can also confirm that the builders have already completed 45% of the inside walls as of this afternoon. With the speed and good work put into this construction we are sure of the walls of the building being completed sooner than we thought.

With the above being said; we need your help, help with the next phase building material, support needed for the third construction phase are:

  1. Roof material which is quoted at R488 167.02
  2. Plumbing and Electrical components at an estimate of R95 000.00
  3. Plastering sand (120 cubic) quoted at R46 494.00 and River sand (80 cubic) R22 770.00
  4. 350 bags of cement R33 250.00

The above needed building material will mark the completion of the brick work and lead us to the finishing phase of the construction, I came to ask for your assistance – please assist us with any of the much needed building material or sponsor towards them.

With you by our site we believe the construction work of this much needed building can be completed before the end of the year, come 2017 our focus come to be the furniture and officially handing over of the building to our boys and together saying “we all have adequately sheltered boys of New Jerusalem Children’s Home”

We know the economy is not looking good to make big donations/sponsorships or financially support towards the structural needs, we therefore came to ask you to please make a minimal contribution towards this structure, let those who you live with join you, ask your corporate communities to join you as you make a donation towards this project.

I tell you, together we can make it – together we can have this much needed structure completed and have all our children adequately sheltered.

Please feel free to contact us on 010 224 0458/59 | 082 739 5177 | 082 732 7832 | RaymondM@njch.org.za | info@njch.org.za should you wish to make a donation or come for a site visit. I believe we all can make it for the betterment of our children. Please click here for status

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