Well done, keep it up

A term 1 report card belong to a child from New Jerusalem Children’s Home, taken on the school reopening.

There is nothing encouraging and motivating in a school going child and the youth, than receiving a school report card for the first term, which read “well done keep it up”.

True as it may be; that majority of our children – cannot read and write as they should be, more on the age and grades they find themselves in – getting a positively written report card, is motivating, it encourages one to keep up the good focus on school work. It is even more enough to our children, it keeps them smiling and to have the interest to talk about their school work, they find it easy to talk about their future – to answer a question many of us enjoy asking – “what do you want to be when you finish with your high school education” With a report card that says “well done” this question will be answered with the utmost positive energy it needs.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home – NJCH, has a total of 88 orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth – who are all school going children and youth, attending pre-school, primary and secondary education in both privet and public schools. New Jerusalem Children’s Home, being a parent to all the 88 children and youth – it has a daily need to go through each and every child school books, to help them with homework’s, just like many of us would do with our school when they get back from school. The question is, how possible is it that NJCH – can go through all the children and youth books?

The implementation of an in-house after school education support program, known to New Jerusalem Children’s Home, as the aftercare program – NJCH is able to go through the children’s books, assist the children and youth with their homework’s and help them get ready for tomorrow’s classroom activities, by going through the next chapter in the textbook, as guided by the lesson plan. Helping the children with their school needs, is done by the professional and experienced teachers, who have worked hard to change writings on our children’s school report cards from “promoted due to age – to well-done, keep it up”

NJCH, wishes to keep the program running – to continue the beneficial service of this dedicated teachers, most importantly – to have our children progressing and being motivated in their school work and learning abilities. New Jerusalem Children’s Home, programs are made possible by donations and sponsorships from individual men and women and corporate communities. Today we coming to ask for your help, we come to request your hand towards the homes educational program, we would like to plead for your assistance, we come to ask for with a monthly donation of R350 for the educational program of our children and youth. Our aim is to secure R50 000-00 on a monthly base, which can assist in the running of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, educational program. 143 of us can make this a reality.

We believe that, with your help, we can continue giving our children an enabling environment – education, one they so much need for a better tomorrow. Please make an educational contribution into New Jerusalem Children’s Home: Bank: Absa | Branch: Midrand | Branch code: 632005 | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Account name: New Jerusalem Chidrens Home | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions)

Education remains one of the best and practical key for a successful future, lets continue the positive writing on our children school report cards, one which read “well done keep it up”

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