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Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, during their home’s educational aftercare program class.

A question, do we all still believe that education is the key to success?

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, totally agrees with you, yes – education is the key to success, we believe in the value of education and the power it holds in transforming our societies and building better communities for all. Our deeper understanding for education, has led us to a need of building a school block for our children, orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth and further openingit to the public.

On Sunday – March 04, 2018 – New Jerusalem Children’s Home started with the building of a school block, a school block of 6 classrooms, planned to offer a Montessori curriculum to children – from Grade 1 to grade 7 – yes the home is building a primary school for its children. The planned primary school will be open to children from the communities to also learn and be taught in it, making it even better for social cohesion, the school block will accommodate a total of 210 pupils.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, wishes to offer children and youth the best Montessori primary education – you may remember that, the organisation has a pre-school, located within the yard of NJCH, which over the years – it has offered the best foundation phase education, to both children of the home and those from the surrounding communities. It is NJCH desire to continue the best foundation phase education into a primary school phase, who knows – maybe the future might allow for a secondary school, awarding us an opportunity to continue the offering of the best and innovative ways of educating children and youth.

Education comes to be an important key in our lives, more in lives of the orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth – quality education equally plays an integral part in lives of children and youth at large – hence the South African national development plan, vision 2030 – chapter nine of the plan – even speaks of “laying a solid foundation for a long and healthy life and higher education and scientific achievement” it is on this base that New Jerusalem Children’s Home is building a primary school – an educational block within its yard.

The development of a child through education, is a collective effort – together we can give our children a sold and sustainable education, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, would like you to please get involved in the building and giving of a primary school to the children, we would like you to please assist us with R25 000.00 or more towards the sourcing of the building material. Please allow us to point you to the educational condition in our country, the writing and reading inability, by most of our children and youth attending primary and secondary schools is threatening the future development of our country. Your support – is a solution to an educational challenge faced by our country, your hand will ensure that the best educational curriculum is given to the previously disadvantaged children and youth.

Please click here for a full support request document, which will share the educational challenges we as New Jerusalem Children’s Home, are faced with and the solutions available, which we wish to get you involved in addressing.

Please feel free to contact New Jerusalem Children’s Home on the contact details shared on the document. Lets all be a solution to an educational challenge faced by the orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth.

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