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The construction of the second floor slab of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, educational block.

June 1st 2018, marked the first day of the South African youth month – amazingly, it has been 42 years since young people of Soweto took to the streets of Soweto to voice their needs, needs for a better, quality and innovative education for the South African child and youth. In 2018 – today, education; continues to be a thorn in lives of many people, in December 2017 –the media reported that “South African Kids ‘Can’t Read For Grade 4. Children in South Africa scored the lowest mark out of 50 countries in the Progress, in International Reading and Literacy” [Huffpost 05/12/2017 12:25 SAST / Queenin Masuabi] Back in 2011, the media was also reported that “Many South African kids can’t read or write” [IOL 29 June 2011, 10:00am / Nontobeko Mtshali, Shaun Smillie And Sapa]

New Jerusalem Children’s Home – NJCH, has seen a need to address the educational challenge – already faced by the country, by building an educational block within its yard, an educational block, which will answer the call to offer children and youth – the best, quality and innovative Montessori education. Central to our aim, being to honour the legacy of a remarkable event of June 16, 1976 by young people of Soweto, whom their passion was to pave a better educational path for those coming after them.

NJCH, further supports the South African National Development Plan, vision 2030 activities – chapter nine in particular. New Jerusalem Children’s Home, believe it is key to build an educational block, an educational block, which will offer quality and innovative primary education to 180 children, giving the primary school going children, amongst the 88 of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, an opportunity to attain a strong foundation phase education and life changing ways of learning and being taught, through Dr. Maria Montessori teaching and learning methodology.

On 20th May 2018, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, managed to complete the brick work of the first story of the educational block (primary school building). The home will be commencing with the second story brick work of the building in July 2018. We believe that in July, the second story slab would have been completed and ready to take on the brick work load. The educational building comes with a hall – a multipurpose centre, the hall will be used as a multipurpose centre for the school and the home, NJCH – will be dedicating the use of a hall, for the full benefit of the children and the youth at large, the multipurpose building will come with an equipped computer laboratory, which will cater for all information technology needs and ICT educational purposes for the children and youth of the school, NJCH and also those from the community at large.

The hall building, is on the wall plates, it is ready for the roof, the school building – should be ready for the roof on the last day of July 2018, when the second story brick work is completed. We come to ask for your support, please help us with the roof of this two educational structures. Roof of the two buildings has been quoted at R347 896, 54 – quotations are available on your request.

Our current and immediate need is the roof, however there are many more ways other ways to sponsor/donate towards this much needed educational project – on completion of the construction work, you will be welcomed to sponsor a classroom with the classroom furniture, stationary’s and equipment, the list of a classroom needs will be made available to you on request. Our immediate request is the roof, you are welcome to make any contributions towards the sourcing of the roof.

Please feel free to contact us on 082 739 5177 | 010 224 0458 | Raymondm@njch.org.za | you are more than encouraged to visit us at 138 Steyn Road, President Park, Midrand, 1685 to view the two mentioned buildings and to see what we do as an organisation. What we do for the orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth and the community at large.

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