We are done with the roof

Mikhial Mariemuthu and Anna Mojapelo

The completion of every building brick work is well seen when the roof sheets meets the trusses on top of the well build walls.

On the 25 April 2017 New Jerusalem Children’s Home saw the last roof sheet, going up to finally say “we are done with the roofing work of the much needed boys residential unit. We are ready to face and commence the finishing of the building as we reach the last lap towards the finishing line – the official handover and the celebration of a well sheltered child with our home”.

The roof sheets of the building were made possible by Itakane ICT, through its social changing partner – Empire Partner Foundation. Itakane and Empire, have stepped outside their call of duty and answered a call which aims at assuring that children are safe and their psychological aspect is well address at all times. The two have realised that reaching a better and effective child abilities is through an adequate roof over their heads.

We are a team of young; aspiring South Africans who have organized ourselves to respond to key social challenges, today we came to answer one of the key social need presented to us by New Jerusalem Children’s Home – yes this could be seen as a boys residential unit, in truth this building address the psychical aspect of a child, this is a child who could be on the street sharpened to be social unacceptable, New Jerusalem Children’s Home has seen a need to say –no to children being rejected by the society– and opened its doors to not only nurture a child, it has seen it fit to adequately shelter them. This on its own comes to be a key to our work as Itakane and Empire. Said Yashmikha Govender, Director of Empire Partner Foundation.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, Itakane ICT and Empire Partner Foundation; are no strangers to each other, together they have built a computer lab for the children of the home, later on they together drilled water and installed a borehole to sustain the home water supply while reducing the water bill of the organisation. Today they came back to say “may we work on the roof sheets with you please and together give hope back to the children you are giving so much of your love to” We appreciate and hold high our relationship with these two pillars. Their coming to assist us with the boys unit brings us closer to seeing greatness in children when they are all properly sheltered. Mme Anna Mojapelo said during a cup of coffee with Itakane ICT and Empire Partner Foundation.

We have completed many parts of the building work, we are now faced with the finishing of the building and we call upon all men and women from all walks of life to please assist us. We are presently in need of ceiling, tiling, window pales (glasses), doors, furniture, guttering, paving and paint, plumbing and electrical components to name a few. The cost of the finishing of the building amounts to R542 418, 78. We do take into account the economic challenges faced country wide. We are therefore asking you to put a hand in any way you can. Matsuo Basho once said “Each day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” Please assist us complete this home for children.

I remember reading what Henry Miller said back in the days “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” We can see and hear the ululations on the 25 May 2017 – please make your pledges direct to New Jerusalem Children’s Home.

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