Change of dates

Key needs to complete the boys residential unit and to have it handover to the beneficiaries

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, believe it is important to give you an update with regards to the boys residential unit official opening and handover date changes.

The building, boy’s residential unit, is almost done and it is ready to be handed over to its rightful beneficiaries – boys who are sheltered in an old overcrowded double garage, which was converted to provide a roof over their heads years ago.

The boy’s residential unit, is at present on its finishing stage – work which still needed to be done is less than 30% of the total structural construction. To mention a few of the outstanding’s; the structure needs window pales (glasses), doors, ceiling, plumbing and electrical components and painting – once this key material and services have been attained and applied, installed or worked on – we should be able to say “let’s move in the furniture”.

We have not, as yet – secured funds or a person making commitments to assist with this key needs. Given the current economic state we are faced with as a country – many donors/sponsors – individual and corporates who had expressed interest in assisting, have mentioned that they are unfortunately not in a position to honour their previously made commitment, to support us towards the completion of the building.

The above mentioned factors, has brought both the board of directors and the management team of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, to considering moving the official opening and the celebration of this much needed building by the orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth and the home, to a future date.

Yes the current piece of the doughnut is smaller, we are in need of R352 683, 53 to cover all the outstanding needs of the building material.

We do know and understand that you have already made arrangements to celebrate Africa Day with us, to cut the ribbon and witness boy’s cheerful smiles as they walk into their finished new house. As an organisation we had dreamed of May 25th 2017 to be our official date to have all our children adequately sheltered. It is unfortunate that reality has questioned our dream and propelled us to move the date to a later on date.

Please be assured that we have explored as many options to try and not change the official opening date of this building, matters beyond our control has won over our wishes. Given uncertain economic performance affecting the donor communities – we will be issuing the second date once we have managed to secure enough funds (R352 683, 53) to allow us to attain all the needed finishing material and services of the building. We are aiming for the month of July 2017 – maybe Mandela Day – however this will be determined by the progress of the building at that time.

Please have a look at the presented doughnut as of this hour. We do apologies for making this change, we do know and understand the importance of this project to you and to your business, friends and families. We believe that together we can work towards the newly proposed/hinted dates.

Thank you

Anna Mojapelo,
New Jerusalem Children’s Home Managing Director

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