Celebrating Africa Day

Mme Anna Mojapelo and LTM Trust

On 25 May 2017; New Jerusalem Children’s Home “NJCH” together with LTM Trust, celebrated Africa Day – on front of the currently built boys residential unit at New Jerusalem Children’s Home, in President Park. The celebration aimed at spreading the voice of African humanity within men and women from all walks of life and corners of our mother continent, to call upon unity, love and respect towards one another. Reminding humanity, that oneness is the way towards building the mother –African continent we all wish to have, a united prosperous Africa. The event saw the CEO of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, Mme Anna Mojapelo and LTM Trusteejoining the children and together signing both the South African national Anthem and the African Union Anthem.

Africa Day celebration, at New Jerusalem Children’s Home came with a much heart-warming surprises and gratitude. LTM Trust did not only see the celebration as a day to celebrate and socialise, it saw the day as one of the days Africa men and women can do something positive to continue developing Africa by answering the crying African child. The trust answered one of the homes cry towards finishing the boys residential unit. The trust donated floor and wall tiles to cover to the 610 square meters of the current boys residential unit floor and walls, which is currently being built to shelter 42 boys of the home, who are currently sheltered in an overcrowded old double garage.

Mother Africa has many developmental needs, building and restoring dignity of the African child being one of them, giving children an adequate shelter and allowing them to say, to invite you and me with words such “please come and see my bedroom” with a child happy tone and an inner excitement – should be in the minds and hearts of every one towards lives of African Children. Said Mme Thandeka of LTM Trust. New Jerusalem Children’s Home; is at its developing stages – just like mother Africa is – we therefore need to come in and ask, ask and be prepared to assist where possible. , African it’s time we listen to the African child, their cry is a call to be listened to. Let’s look at ourselves and make Africa a safe place for an Africa child to dream and strive to be the best – she added.

As we celebrate successful days of mother Africa, we need to look closer to home and start paving a path we all wish to walk on – less gravel and none-thorny. I am humbled by the great gesture of humanity expressed LTM Trust. A simple visit to New Jerusalem Children’s Home, which resulted in such a great honour, tiles to cover all the floors and walls of the boys residential unit. Truly Africa Day, is a meaningful celebration to me personally. Seeing how we celebrating it, paving path we all wish to see, giving to boys hope, privacy and dignity, we believe it will better their psychological wellbeing. Said the CEO of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, as she expressed her gratitude and felt heart warmth to LTM Trust before the 88 children, staff members and friends of the home.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home; wished to officially open the boys residential unit on the 25 May 2017, during the continent celebration of Africa Day – given the tough economic condition the country is faced with, a number of donors were unable to assist. For NJCH to complete the boys residential unit construction unit it would need; Ceiling R100 455, 41 | Electricals R50 424, 78 | Plumbing R64 000, 00 | Glazing R81 909, 00 | Doors R56 000, 00 | Painting R81 734, 48. The total funds needed to complete the boy’s residential unit is R434 523, 67 as per the sourced quotations by the suppliers.

With 27% work needed to be done towards the official opening and handing over of the building to the boys of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, we would like to invite all men and women – corporates, friends and families to please assist us to complete this much needed building – you are welcome to assist with any of the mentioned building needs above. As it has been said – “a simple paving brick leads to a well and desired path” we believe you too can help us complete a structure which will not only see our children well shattered, but one which will also see our children’s psychology being well addressed.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home can be contacted on Raymondm@njch.org.za | 082 739 5177 | 010 224 0459 | www.njch.org.za – we would like to invite you to also come through for a site visit, we are located on: 138 Steyn Road, President Park, Midrand, 1685

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