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41 years later, we see fruits of our brothers and sisters

As we open the 2017 youth month; New Jerusalem Children’ Home, is reminded of the importance of education, it remembers young people of 1976, who took to the streets of Soweto and called for a better education, equally and developmental education – for all young people of South Africa.

41 years later, we have seen doors of learning education opening for all youth and children of South Africa, to study, learn – change and make their communities a better place through education. In today’s age we see youth and young adults taking leadership roles in the corporate world, we see the world allowing young people to implement what they have learned since the opening of doors to equal learning and more child developmental type of education, a dream many young people of 1976, so much wished for and gave it all for its realisation.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home; would like to invite all young people from all walks of life, to join its children and youth during this youth month, for a community work. We would like to invite you to celebrate this month through community work initiatives. The home is building a new boys residential unit, a new roof to adequately shelter its children, we will be opening our gate and doors to all young people who wish to do their community work, to assist with one of our building needs. Youth/Young people are invited to make a difference for their brothers and sister who are living and care for by New Jerusalem Children’s Home, children who will also be taking part in the community work initiatives.

To mention a few of the home community work initiatives, we have painting opportunity for those who wish to join and colour the newly built walls, during this important month, one initiated by young people for young people, planting of flowers and grass, cleaning of the environment – simply to mention a few, of the many opportunities the home has planned for the youth month. The invitation is open to individuals and groups.

As we head towards Mandela Day, young people can, would have prepared areas within the home for corporate communities to put on a more parental finishing. I am sure you would remember the pain, sadness and anger in hearts of many parents of young people of 1976, parent of young people who lost their lives. This month we believe young people can give their parents smile for laying a foundation for a life changing journey for young people of New Jerusalem Children’s Home.

Managing Director of New Jerusalem Children’s Home – Mme Anna Mojapelo has vowed her vision to all, she said “my vision is to see transformation of communities through children and youth of today – central to it, being education”

For more information on what to do and how to get involved, please contact us on or 010 224 0459

The vision is simply “transformation of communities through children and youth of today – central to it, being education” we all can make it, we can make it a possibility. The invitation is open from Monday 12th June 2017 and closes on the last day of June 2017.

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