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New Jerusalem Children’s Home Boys Residential Unit

Greetings friends, partners, sponsors and donors of New Jerusalem Children’s Home

I found myself smiling as I was putting this announcement together, I know the only thing that brings joy to your heart is positive notes from New Jerusalem Children’s Home, an organisation you are supporting.

As mentioned in my CEO’s note sometimes last week; it would be noted that I said “New Jerusalem Children’s Home will be focusing on home expansion/building projects this year” we have started with a Readiness Centre which a roof is being put on and it should be ready in a few weeks’ time.

On the 4th February 2016 New Jerusalem Children’s Home was meant to start with a residential unit for boy’s, picture above, I like how you smile after looking at the picture, it gives me joy too knowing that all our children will be well sheltered as of the 9th August 2016. For some reason and measures beyond our control we were not able to commence with the foundation on the targeted date, whether conditions and new year’s slow starting pace has set the builders a bit back with the readiness centre, our wish is to start with the new building while the current construction work is on a certain level before the construction team can be divided.

Surly you too would like to see the readiness centre being on 75% towards completion before you can commit your support to the second building project, the readiness centre is 70% complete as of today and it should be above 85% complete by the end of the month of March 2016, permitting the contractor to start with the boy’s residential unit, question is when will construction work for Boy’s Residential unit start?

The 4th March 2016 will mark as the commence date of the most needed structure in the organisation, boy’s residential unit, this day will see the first hand towards better sheltering of our boys. I do apologies for only letting you know of the new commencement date on the eleventh hour, please forgive, I felt you needed to know be it sooner or later.

With a new date of the project I thought I should continue my plea for your support, the pervious date might have been to close for some of you to pledge your support towards this project, here we are with a new date, please help us. Come together and join hands with us as we give boys of this organisation a roof over their head, a roof to awaken their full confidence in bettering their lives. We are in need of building material; cement, building sand window frames, door frames, taps, finishing and many which I have missed, you can help with the mentioned and or monetary donation, alone myself and the team won’t make it but with you by our site and with your support this building project will be a reality come the 9th August 2016.

You are most welcome to contact us should you need more information about the boy residential unit or about us as an organisation and ways to get involved, I also invite you to come onsite, to see the current progress on READINESS CENTRE and to see how our boys are currently sheltered, donation towards the building can be made into our Absa account | Branch code: 632005 | Account type: Business Current Account | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Account name: New Jerusalem Chidrens Home | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions)

we are available on: Secretary@njch.org.za Cell: 082 739 5177 | Tel: 010 224 0460 at any given time of the day including weekends.

Adv. Anna Mojapelo | CEO of New Jerusalem Children’s Home

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  1. Beautiful news to read indeed. I wish the team of NJCH all the strength with such beautiful they are doing. The project in hand will be realized with the grace if god.

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