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Members of the Horticultural Green Group – HGG – planting at New Jerusalem Children’s Home Food Garden

On the 13 February 2016 New Jerusalem Children’s Home was graced by the presence of Horticultural Green Group, a group young people with shared passion inhorticulture and farming, visited New Jerusalem Children’s Home with the sole aim of sharing their loves for the homes environmental greening initiative, they shared love by planting of crops in the homes food garden, trees in its vast yards and shrubs to beatify the environment.

These wonderful and thoughtful actions carried out by the group will contribute towards the homes food security enabling it to supplement some level of food it consumes through self-generation. Furthermore, it continues to give an avenue for learning for the children of home by having them participate in environmentally conscious practices such as gardening. The exciting plantation will have our kids monitoring them closely till they bear fruit, the many plantations include granadilla, lemon’s, strawberry, blueberry, guava, corn, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, beautiful flower bearing shrubs such as Abelia and Primango and finally the miracle tree worth more than gold ‘Muringa’.

The timing of the visit by the Horticultural Green Group could not be better as it coincided with Valentine’s day weekend. Whether it be a priest who was executed on February 14th around 270 AD for his bold opposition to Roman Law due to his rootedness in Christ whom later became known as Saint Valentine for his acts of promoting matrimony, or the Roman god of Agriculture ‘Faunus’ to which ancient Romans would celebrate as a day of fertility and unite in hopes for marriage and love, or the ancient Greek belief in the ‘God of Love Venus’, whose favorite flower was the rose which holds strong significance till present day to emotions of love and kindness; whichever you choose to believe, it is clear for the eyes to see that Love is central to it all.

We saw passion in the eyes of the Horticultural Green Group as they planted in various areas and interpreted this gesture as their way of genuinely showing and spreading love, a passion so evident in their work, and a love so deep for nature and their environment which was spread out to New Jerusalem Children’s Home. We believe that in joining us in this beautiful month of love, the seeds planted at the home will truly blossom to ever reaching height’s, not only seeds planted in the earth but the seeds planted in the hearts of our children as they lent their little hands to help complete the day’s task.

Such seeds that we only hope blossom to create young leaders of tomorrow who have a genuine caring for mother earth and the gifts it has gave us, seeds that will help our children to realize such career paths as agriculture and horticulture, seeds that will blossom to teach our children the soft tenderness, patience, and diligence that is required to be able to successfully sow, grow, and harvest anything ‘plantable’ as this translates to other areas of their lives.

These are all the valuable gifts received over valentine weekend by the beautiful Horticultural Green Group and for that we wish to tell them ‘thank you and we love you’.

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