Guilty as charged

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Garden and Maintains team of New Jerusalem Children’s Home removing the Great Lawn

We are guilty as charged; of an eco-friendly organisation, which aims towards becoming the Africa’s way-shower, centre for learning and being a new generation children’s home, believing in sustaining the environment – for it to act against its environmental believe call for it to bow down before environmental court of the organisation.

Morning of Monday 1st February 2016 saw 570 square meters of New Jerusalem Children’s Home great lawn being removed by the maintenance of the home, clearing it and in the process sadly killing the memories made on this field, there is no way we can stand guilty for taking so much, it’s not only memories and the environmental violation this guilt is based, the lawn was a children’s play area. It gave our children so much pride and for it to be removed brought pain to many people.

Defended by the building and construction team; it was presented that boys of the home needed an adequate roof over their head, a roof which will give them privacy, a simple “under my bed” privacy and space between beds which will allow them movement and no one sleeping over their head, yes we do understand that the great lawn hold many memories of the home but we needed the space to put up a 556 square meter Boys Residential Unit. Yes, a building we have come many times to you about, asking for your support towards its construction, we managed to fundraise R700 000 towards its construction and we are still in need of R800 000 including finishes’, beds and many more boy’s needs, we are guilty as charged and we ask for your forgiveness for removing and closing the great lawn. Said Raymond Madibogo, Marketing Communications Manager of the organisation.

He added by saying, “we as an organisation presented and vowed to recycle. Grass removed has been transplanted and created a green peace garden right at the back, next to the sports field of the home, not only that we took memories away, we have moved it to a place where many more memorable events will be held and this I am confident you will love even more.”

Handing over her judgement, Adv. Mme Anna Mojapelo said “case well presented – truly there is a need to build a Residential Unit for boys of this organisation, hurtful as it was coming to New Jerusalem Children’s Home only to find men digging out a place of so many good memories I could not understand it, thinking of children’s laughter over the festive periods, sliding and all the many good events held on this lawn I could not understand why couldn’t the Building and Fundraising team of this organisation wait a bit longer and let us and the children enjoy the lawn a bit more”.

“I have agreed and wanted boys of this home to have rooms and space they could be proud of, I for one want to walk with you, friends, donors and sponsors of the home between walls which I could be proud of. The 556 square meters building will give me and you that satisfaction at heart. Therefore – building and fundraising team of New Jerusalem Children’s Home I find you not guilty, you are free to proceed with the building of the much needed building for our current boys and many which will come to benefit from it” she concluded.

This case has been closed and we would like to continue encouraging all friends, partners, sponsors and donors of New Jerusalem Children’s Home to support and pledge towards this building. Construction of the building is commencing on 4 March 2016.

All raise… and join hands towards building of this much needed roof.

See areas covered the removed great lawn

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