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Contractors filling a concrete slap for a Readiness Centre building

It’s a new year and NJCH is preparing for new exciting things, one of which is the long awaited and highly anticipated completion of our most recent project, Halfway House also known as a Readiness Centre Building. This project which has been in planning for a few years is about to become a reality and above all a victory for the organization and its children. It has been the prayer on the lips of our founders Anna and Phina Mojapelo that this project be completed in the year 2016 so as to allow for better service delivery to beneficiaries which will also mark another step forward in drawing us closer towards our goal of being a model children’s home around Africa.

Just what is the Half Way House Building you may ask? The answer to that stems from our commitment to provide quality holistic care to disadvantaged children and youth. Our objective as a home is to go beyond the call of service and ensure our beneficiaries have a 360-degree service which sees them well looked after and educated with the aim of creating economically active and independent citizens in the not so distant future. In essence, raising children from cradle till they reach their careers.

We as an organization recognize that such journeys are long and have planned for years the necessary structures to have in place that will make this goal a reality. One of such steps is the Halfway House which is a shelter for transitioning female children making that progression from high school to university or from university to their first job. This project aims to fill the gap where most youth struggle during that transition to independence; from our standpoint it answers the question of where to for our children’s lives while they are above the age of 18 and not self-sustainable enough to find accommodation on their own.

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