Chat with a child

Chat with a child

Festive fun day: Child of the home

We always have a story in our lives; be it you are disadvantaged, orphaned or suffer from a medical condition, perceived normal with both your parents, the story is beautiful and amazing and worth telling.

Here is what I would like you to do, please do it and come back to continue reading this article_: close your eyes and think of an orphan, a child in a children’s home, think of this child being HIV positive or suffering from a medical condition which its cure is unknown_ take five minutes with your eyes closed.

Amazing thoughts and images you might have had, am sure a picture of your last visitation to an orphanage has surfaced. You might have felt sorry, wished to do more even, you might have heard a few ideas to better this child’s lives, you might have thought of the many toys, clothes or even spending more time with a child or children staying in a children’s home – all your thoughts are beautiful and are appreciated.

How about we pay attention to what a child need, be it with or without a social and medical challenge, I took some time off to find out from them, children themselves, I asked what they would love people to do for them “I would like visitors to attend our cultural events” – “I would like visitors to just one day come into our aftercare program and see how dedicated we are to getting education” and one child said something touching, she looked at me as I asked her – what is it that she would like visitors of her home do for them, she smiled and said “nothing, I don’t want them to do anything I want them to do what they love and like for us”

It was at this moment I felt my eyes burning a bit; throat drying up and my hand could not hold a pen, I was cut off by her words and eye-contact as she was saying this words “nothing, I don’t want them to do anything I want them to do what they love and like for us” she noticed how shocked I was at that moment, my phone rang I did not hear it for a moment, uncle your phone – she said “thank you” I said, you can go and play with the others. Reality talked, I know at times we try to ask things from you as partners, sponsors/donors and not really give you an opportunity to do what you truly wish to do and touch children’s hearts in a way you best feel will better their lives be it today or tomorrow, here was a child asking me and the whole fundraising team to allow you to be you in bettering their lives.

I wish to ask you and your circle of friends and family to please close your eyes and think of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, your last visitation, allow yourself to think of things you might wish to do for the children in our care or with a child of this home and do it. A child has made us open our eyes and to let you better their lives the way you best feel and wish.

As an organisation we have daily necessities for our children, food being one of them and washing powder for our laundry, we spend about 60kg of washing powder for all our 87 children, the other thing which we wish many could do this year is to make us as their beneficiary and make a donation of any amount of money, be it monthly or as when they wish to donate towards our children’s welfare.

As much as we try to give children the best its always worth it to chat to a child and get their feeling. Compliments of the season, wishing you many more joyous in this year and beyond – we wish to see you during the year and we are looking forward to receiving your support throughout our lives.

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