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Aurora, Mme Anna and Uriel during the graduation ceremony at Siyakhula Computer School

Over the past months, New Jerusalem Children’s Home has been sharing with you, keeping you updated and making financial support request towards a school building project, which is currently under construction with about 85% of its construction phases completed.

Today, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, is here to share with you its reason for being, we come to share with you – one of the biggest success of New Jerusalem Children’s Home – please allow us to first start by saying “the success of a children’s homes, is not the buildings it has, not even the events it host an annual base, let alone the level of legal compliance towards its governing bodies and legislature and or funders. The success and a reason for being of every children’s home – is its ability to better lives of the children, the success of New Jerusalem Children’s Home and any other organisation doing the similar work – is simple to see children become self-sufficient, economically enabled and standing on their own, putting a bread on their table by themselves”

Please join us and the rest of New Jerusalem Children’s Home friends, Board of Directors and the children and youth at large – as we celebrate our organisation reason for being – the graduation of two of the homes first children, the two children who have opened the doors of New Jerusalem Children’s Home and smiled in the hands of the caring hearts and warm hands of New Jerusalem Children’s Home founders in the year 2000. May we all please put our hands together for Aurora (The first-born child of New Jerusalem Home) and Uriel (The second born child of New Jerusalem), the children who came into our care in the year 2000 – today we look at them and welcome home with ululation, drumming and dancing as they join the world of the graduates.

The 19 years old pair, graduated from Siyakhula Computer School – on Saturday May 04, 2019 – following their successful completion of an End-User computer training courses in Microsoft Office, Windows & the internet – also known as International Computer Drivers Licence – ICDL. It is New Jerusalem Children’s Home, solemn promise to the public, sponsors and donors that our success and reason for exitance is not the structural development on its land and yard – but the wellbeing of a child in its care.

Aurora and Uriel – have not only graduated – one can notice their level of positive and boosted esteem –readiness on their faces to meet and accept the outside world and to become positive socio-economic role players. Aurora will immediately be joining and taking administrative assistance duties in one of New Jerusalem Children’s Home partner organisation. Uriel on the other hand has seen an opportunity to explore and start another and second qualification in his life – graphic designing, which he will be studying with the College SA.

It is truly through you and your dedicated support towards the educational needs of the children in our care, we continue to come to you for financial support and assistance towards bettering lives of the hopeful souls in our care. To the pair – Aurora and Uriel – we say “Do not quit trying, do not rest until you achieve all you have ever dream of, this is the beginning of your journey to greatness. We see you doing greater things in the future and making us proud! Congratulations on your graduation today”

You can always make a donation and or sponsor New Jerusalem Children’s Home by making a donation – of and or between R250 to any amount. Financial support is one of the biggest need, it helps us give hope to the children, to make their dreams come true and to enable them to become self-sustained individuals when their time to leave New Jerusalem Children’s Home comes.

You can make a donation and or sponsorship direct into our Absa account. Account type: Business Current Account | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Branch code: 632005 | Account name: New Jerusalem Chidrens Home | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions

Our reason for being at New Jerusalem Children’s Home, is the success of a child – it is to create an enabling environment for the children and youth, to provide and guide them towards a self-sufficient life and for the children in our care to be positive socio-economic role players in the societies. We believe that we can achieve with you providing support and not only limited to financial support.

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