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Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home out in the morning

There is nothing more difficult than asking, as much as it is been said that “ask and it shall be given to you” it is hard to ask for money, it doesn’t matter who you are asking it from, think of a visit to a bank and applying for a loan, it is a bit embarrassing even though you are going to repay it over a certain period time, with interest even.

Asking for a financial assistance – remains a difficult thing, It is even hard when you will not be returning the funds. The challenge of asking for money is not only difficult for individuals – organizations such as New Jerusalem Children’s Home also find itself enjoying similar changes of asking for funding. You might be asking yourself that – “why would it be difficult for organizations such as New Jerusalem Children’s Home, to ask for funding, while its work and nature of being survives on donations and sponsorship – on asking”

There are a number of organizations doing a similar work as New Jerusalem Children’s Home across the provinces of South Africa, that is the first challenge – however the main challenge is that when we think of an orphanage\shelter\children’s home and or an NGO that cares for the children, youth and or the elderly people – we think of one thing, we think of food – we always think and wonder if there is enough food on the table for the people in the care of the institution, we agree and we are thankful for the continues supply of food, food remains one of the most important need in the residential facilities – organisation(s).

NGO’s – children’s homes, have a bigger financial need to address the day-to-day running – to address the life basic needs of the children, the water and Electricity – a need for the everyday water and light | Education, school fees for the talented children who are attending their schooling in private institutions | Health, the immediate medical need of the children | Transportation of the children to and from key areas – including and not limited to schools, courts and or medical institutions, the general Maintenance of the home and the continues upkeep of the home and the equipment – walk-in freezer, cooking stoves, children’s beds and other areas that calls for maintenance to keep on dignifying the children.

The donor community – corporate and individual men and women are finding it difficult to make financial contribution towards such needs – Water, Electricity | Education, School Fees | Health | Transportation | Maintenance – it is not easy for the NGO sector to ask for funding for this key day-to-day running needs, a number of corporate/companies makes it clear on their publication that they do not fund operational cost of the NGO – which we totally understand and respect.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home needs R150 000.00 on a monthly base to address its operational needs – Water, Electricity | Education, School Fees | Health | Transportation | Maintenance – the above-mentioned amount is needed to add on to the amount the home is receiving from the Department of Social Development. We know the economy is not doing well – a number of people are losing their jobs and companies are closing down – it is even getting difficult to ask for support – let alone asking for money.

There is no doubt – New Jerusalem Children Home needs financial support from you, your friends and family – the home wishes to ask for R250-00 from you on a monthly base. We believe that a total 600 men and women making a monthly donation of R250 will certainly grant R150 000-00 to New Jerusalem Children’s Home on a monthly base. The Board of Directors and Management team of New Jerusalem Children’s Home understand that we are facing a difficult economic time – we equally believe that a number of us coming together will certainly better lives of the children.

The NGO sector at large is facing a difficult financial period. New Jerusalem Children’s Home thank you for your support and contribution in advance – please pledge your support direct into Absa | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Branch: Midrand | Branch code: 632005 | Account type: Business Current Account | Account name: New Jerusalem Chidrens Home | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions

You are most welcome to contact us on 010 224 0458 | 082 739 5177 | 082 732 7832| for any supporting documents and or to request for a Section 18A (PBO) certificate for any made donation.

We thank you and continue to ask you to share our request with your friends and family and people you spend you know.

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