How far are we?

The progress picture of New Jerusalem Children’s Home boys residential unit.

A question many would like to hear how we, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, will respond to. “How far are we with the boys residential unit” Well it might have been a sad scenario for us and the children not to be moved into their newly built house on the 25 May 2017. Certainly it pains them that we were unable to give them a roof they have been looking forward to for so many days.

The boys residential unit is only 27% to being completed, yes the construction work still to be done towards the handing over of the keys and giving back our boys a smile they have had since the commencement of the construction work in October 2016 is only 27%.

The question was/is “how far are we with the construction of the boys residential unit”

It was mentioned in one of the CEO’s note published earlier on, confirming that – the builders are now working on the floors of the building, the main and major construction work has been completed, the cement work, touch ups on plastering, was completed on the 31st June 2017. In answering the question, the brick – sand and cement work has been completed. The boys residential unit is now on its finishing stage.

The building is now on the installation face of the construction work, we need to put on the plumbing pipes/components, electrical wires/components, glasses, doors, ceiling, tiles – paint and pave the outside area and finish of with the gutter. This is how far we are with the boys residential unit, with the construction of a structure which, will not only shelter the children, but also a structure that will play a role in giving them a better psychosocial view of life, allowing them to be better and positive role players in societies.

Are we able to get the above mentioned material and finish the current construction stage? Yes we are, but on our own we are unable to, with the help from you, your friends, families, partners, our donors and sponsors – we are positive that we can source for the needed material and labour. The much immediate support needed would be the plumbing and electrical, followed by the ceiling and glasses then tiles and doors, the rest are fun finishing touches. We managed to source for costing for all this needed essential and labour, the cost is currently seating on R434 523, 67 for all the important finishing’s.

Is there a chance of getting involved? Yes there is – you can make a donation towards attaining any of the mentioned material. You can have all your friends and families coming to paint the many rooms of the structure, you can start by buying a contractor paint to have walls of your choice painted, or planting flowers or grass for the boys. We do understand that you might not be interested in any of the building material – maybe you have interest in donating curtains, bunker beds, wardrobe, kitchen units or maybe having the dining and the living area done. Ways of getting involved are not only limited to the construction needs, it is only that we would like to have the building ready for the furniture to move in and that will only be made possible by the completion of the construction work.

Would you like to get involved? We know you do – please contact our communications department on | 082 739 5177 | 010 224 0459 | – we would like to invite you to also come through for a site visit, we are located on: 138 Steyn Road, President Park, Midrand, 1685.

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