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Why did we have the 25 May 2017 as the official opening date of the boys residential unit?

Mme Anna Mojapelo, Managing Director of NJCH with one the homes beneficiary during the children’s annual fun day.

I am sure this might be a question many might have or had before we missed the initial boys residential unit official opening date. Certainly you might still be asking yourself “why did New Jerusalem Children’s Home, wish to handover the building to the

children during the May month, given all the economic challenges the corporate communities are faced with, was it because of the celebration of Africa Day or does the date, on its own have a sentimental meaning to the organisation?”

New Jerusalem Children’s Home; is no different to the developing mother continent, Africa. We find the development of our organisation similar to that of Africa and to that of South Africa. We have had great people with different key skills, love and passion – walking through our gates to with pure intentions of helping us move forward, to where we are today. Africa has and is having the same kinds of men and women, who are coming to the African continent to put a hand towards the development and face-lifting of the African continent.

The question is still standing, why was the handover and the official opening proposed for May 25, 2017?

May month – is the month when we get to enjoy the last sunny hot days of autumn and welcoming the cold days of winter. We had wished to have our children, boys, sleeping in bedrooms, which are child friendly and favourable to their psychological development, sharing a bedroom with not more than six children in bigger bedrooms and sleeping in pairs in smaller bedrooms. Our mind had been focused on our children being able to wake-up on a cold winter morning and have a hot shower, without having to step outside of the building.

We had wished to have our children, no longer walking a distance of 103 foot-steps for a morning shower, but just stepping out of their bedrooms into a restroom, this we had thought will happen from this winter days onwards.

The year 2017 has truly proven to be cold, it’s sad to see a group of our boys running for a shower in the early hours of the morning, walking back to their room with towel wrapped up to their heads. You ask yourself… how is the psychological development of a child in all this, how is their mind developing in the middle of all experience? Keeping in mind of where they come from, the social challenges which brought them to staying at New Jerusalem Children Home.

I know and understand that the economy is not really doing well. We are too close, very much close towards the finishing of the building and handing it over to our children, we are just at the door step, we all can reach out to the adequate sheltering of a child and allow them to start a new residential chapter in their lives, we can still give them warmer days of winter.

Our request from you is – may you please partner with us, may your hand reach to us, can we all come together and finish off the boys residential unit and have the children moving in during the Mandela month?

The current building needs are: Ceiling R100 455, 41 | Electricals R50 424, 78 | Plumbing R64 000, 00 | Glazing R81 909, 00 | Doors R56 000, 00 | Painting R81 734, 48 | Gutters R31 300, 00. May you please assist us with any one of this building needs?

Mme Anna Mojapelo, Managing Director.

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