Doors are hanged

Hanged interior door in the boys residential unit, leading into the house parent’s bedroom.

As the year 2017 closes doors behind its many months, ready to handover its successes and race to the year 2018. New Jerusalem Children’s Home, on the other hand is hanging doors in all the boys residential unit rooms, doors that will see children and youth being developed and made better behind closed doors – in a bedroom shared by 2 children or four and six in bigger bedrooms, doors which will allow a child to develop his psychology and make him a better socioeconomic role player in years to come. Doors made possible by blackhead consulting during Mandela Day celebration.

On Sunday – 8 October 2017, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, commenced with the hanging of 33 interior doors in the boys residential unit. The installation of the doors bring the building, boys residential unit, closer to being a closed chapter, it brings the building to 90% completion. The installation of doors in the building, does not only bring the building to its final stage, it is getting it – ready to take over from the overcrowded old double garage, which is currently sheltering the boys. The double garage is offering nothing, but a bed and a roof over a child’s head – we however appreciate and treasure memories created in this double garage, for years it has provided for our children.

The installed doors, will bring positive psychological development in our children and youth lives – doors – will certainly make the building, boys residential unit, to continue the race of bettering lives of children and youth of the home.

Question might be – what do we still need, what is within the 10%?

The current and biggest needs of the building, comes to be the finishing’s, to mention a few of what we still need to have the children and youth moving into this long overdue building is:-

  • Wall wardrobes
  • Study cubicles and chairs
  • Toy cubicles
  • Dining and lounge furniture
  • x30 Wood bunk beds
  • x6 Single beds
  • x2 Double beds for the house parents

With only two months left, before 2017 closes its doors and handing over to 2018, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, believes in you the same way we believed in you when we started with the construction of this building, we believe that you can assist us with the remaining needs of the building, which will lead to the completion and handover.

Would you like to get involved?

How about making a donation/sponsorship of any of the mentioned items, how about you sponsor the material to make the wardrobes and cubicles – or how about beds for all the children, maybe beds for the house parents. This are only finishing’s of the building, which will be the beginning for the better social and psychological wellbeing of children and youth in our care.

We believe in you,

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