As we wave our goodbyes

New Jerusalem Children’s Home old double garage, presently used as a boys dormitory – one we are saying goodbye to.

Finally, we are saying our goodbyes to the overcrowded boys dormitory. Certainly we are thankful for the nights and days it has sheltered a child, evenings when it was warm when the outside walls were cold – days when it rained, it proved to be a shelter to cover the children and youth’sheads. The sunny, rainy, windy and fine weather days of it being the best dormitory for our boys has finally come to an end. It only feels good to say goodbye to our many memories shared and created in this double garage.

It is finally all smiles and giggles here at New Jerusalem Children’s Home. October 2017, marks the 12th month since the boys residential unit – construction work – has started.

The very same month, October 2017, is further seeing the construction work of the boys residential unit being brought to 92% (percent) completion. Giving joy and glory in the home, more for the boys of the organisation, who went through the years sheltered in an overcrowded double garage, with hope of moving into their new house during the year.

The building, boys residential unit is a 556 square meters structure. A much needed building, which will adequately shelter the boys of the home, it is one of the residential remedial action, taken by the home to address the psychological challenges, needs and developments of a boy child and youth cared for by New Jerusalem Children’s Home.

As much as we are smiling and giggling, as we pass and walk through the boys residential construction site. New Jerusalem Children’s Home, still has a need to cover the remaining 8% of the construction needs of the building. Ready as the building might be, we still have a need to finish keys areas of the building, which we believe you can assist us with:-

The electrical, wiring is completed, plugs and switches in the building are ready to supply power to the lights and or plugged appliances. We are now on a stage of putting on lights and giving the building some brightness, putting in the wardrobes and having water running. The key and most urgent needs of the building are:-

Plumbing. R23 560 (as per quote)

  • x9 basins
  • x4 250Lt Kwikot Standard Geyser & Isolator Ef250-Rd-I 600I
  • x4 basin mixers
  • x2 Kwikot Khn3-226 600Kpa Mi Multi Pcv & Isol Valve & Exp Rel 20Mm

Electrical – Lights. R49 180,53 (as per quote)

  • x50 Bulkhead – for the bedrooms AVANT.
  • x17 florescent (double) – for passages, study and kitchen DECOPROOF LED
  • x12 downlights with set holders and fitting – for the foyer and the lounge 2230
  • x13 bulkhead security – for the outside walls of the building. OZO LED ROUND PLAIN
  • x4 IPAD 100W

Rain water harvest tanks R38 575,32 (as quoted)

  • Slim tanks – Rain harvest tanks

Wardrobes. R90 375,96

  • Wardrobes for all the bedrooms

The building also needs furniture, Study cubicles and chairs, toy cubicles, Dining and lounge furniture, x30 Wood bunk beds, x6 Single beds, x2 Double beds for the house parents. It would be truly be nice for our boys who have spent so many years in an old double garage, to have a thanks giving celebration in a total new environment. I am certain our boys will be more thankful to move into a total new environment in the coming weeks.

Key and immediately, needed finishing material of the building remain at a total estimate of R201 691, 81. The estimate does not include beds and furniture of the building.

Please get involved and help us better a child’s life. Are happy to hear from on Raymond Madibogo | Communication and Public Relations Manager | 082 739 5177 | 010 224 0459 | |

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