3rd Year Anniversary

Celebrations!!! 3rd Year Anniversary for New Jerusalem Children’s Home Green House Container Building

Its a great day in New Jerusalem Children’s Home history as we mark a very special time. This day marks the 3rd anniversary of our beloved container house (Green House for its environmental friendliness)  that has truly put New Jerusalem on the map given its innovativeness and futuristic appeal.

On this day 3 years ago, after a great deal of work from achieving  buy-in from stakeholders, to fundraising, and finally construction, New Jerusalem opened the doors to its latest achievement, a new housing building representing the ideal format for how a children’s home should be. This came at a time where the need for more space was necessary given the number of kids that were being looked after. COO and Co Founder of New Jerusalem Children’s Home echoes this sentiment by stating ‘ It is a wonder to see how much attention this building has attracted and how self sustainable it is not forgetting that it is still as sturdy as the day it was built’.

The green house building represents a lot of things to New Jerusalem and serves as a symbol of where the organization will be going in a matter of years. For one, it shows our commitment to the organizations vision of being IMG_0462a benchmark to children’s homes around Africa. Secondly, it represents how far a small organization committed to something greater than itself can go with hard work, purpose, and God’s mercy. Thirdly, to our lovely beneficiaries who we love dearly, it represents a milestone in their hearts where they were privileged to live in a state of the art facility never seen anywhere else before. With this building the children found new confidence and joy and this is the most important benefit. Finally, the green house building paves the way as an example for green self sustainable future living given the impending doom our environment faces if more conscious effort is not put into living right with nature.

What’s Been Cooking In The Greenhouse?

Last year saw New Jerusalem launched what has now become one of its key programs in conjunction with its international partners in the form of a ‘computer science lab’ geared towards computer skill acquisition in computer science and programming with high hopes towards robotics.

IMG_0457The Pi-Lab as it is known is named that way as a result of the pioneering technology it uses in the field of education. The lab is powered using tiny networking devices the size of cellphones which serve as a networking hubs, hard drives, CPU’s and more. With this technology, the widespread challenge of cost effective teaching in disadvantaged areas trying to provide relevant computer science content and training is addressed.

With all this said, i’m sure all readers can understand why this day is so special. We want to thank all those whom made this project possible in our time of need from 4d Architects, Orange Babies Netherlands, Mr. Price Home to Eskom. We have you all in our hearts and only wish the best for you. On behalf of our children, staff, and board we thank all who have and continue to make New Jerusalem Children’s Home the great institution that it is today.


Thank You

PRO Office

Note: We are currently embarking on our latest residential building project for the boys and need as much support as we can get. To lend a helping hand contact Patrick at pro@newjerusalemchildrenshome.org

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