Back to school

Back to school 2016

Our boy ready for Grade-1

It was just yesterday when we were ululating for their great academic performance for the year 2015, celebrating their progress from one grade to the other. Today we get to see their smiles, inner joy, smartly dressed and presentable as they go back to school.

New school shoes, full uniform and a school bags; these essentials earned our children remarkable joy on the morning of the 13 January 2015, a morning which saw 70 of our
children getting into their school transport and off to school. We have seen and heard joyful voices from our children as they got ready from as early as 5am, being helped by Child and Youth care givers you could hear them (children) say “baba am hot, nice as ice” giggle the others and he would move with that full step walk, showing off, a parents pride I call it.

I could not get the picture of his movement and a smile as he greeted me, an inner voice said as I look at him walking towards the dinning area “treasure this as my parent and let it be your mantel picture for years to come” followed his brothers who looked equally smart and presentable,they staged a confident walk followed by bubbly tone when passing their greetings, amazing it was.

Confidence in them assured me and the many men and women who made the new shoes and uniform possible to these children, assurance that their future is well painted and further assuring that a they went to the society to learn and to be developed for the betterment of their tomorrow.

This beautiful picture should not end here; we ask all men and women to please continue a presentable and smart image of our children, we as an organisation believe that a clean and a well-dressed child is more confident and will participate confidently in his/her school work. We ask for continued drive of school uniform and shoes for our children including school bags, we further invite you to sponsor a child’s educational life by being part of our teaching and learning aftercare program, you welcome to teach a subject you love to a child on dedicated days best fitting your schedule.

Compliments for the new season, looking forward to meeting you during the year many exiting events.

Back to school photographs 

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