Happy festive period

We are finally in our festive month; it’s amazing how this year has been to us as New Jerusalem Children’s Home am sure it has been a blessing to you too. I am sure you would recall that this year marked 15 years of being as a home the most loving, beautiful children, I can see all their smiles, hear their giggles from their toddler days, joy it brings to my heart is beyond what words can express. Truly it has been and still is a fulfilling journey and I can’t wait to meet them in the year 2021 when most of them will be celebrating their 21st birthday.

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Mme Anna Mojapelo, CEO of New Jerusalem Children’s Home with the kids

Talking about children of this organisation brings so much joy in my heart, I am sure you too are smiling; thinking of the many great events we had together, playing with the children, dressing and all the fun things we did from our first day back in the year 2000 to this very same day – 15 years later, probably your eyes are closed and you recalling the many beautiful initiatives you took part in and once you made possible, many isn’t it.

Let me remind you of what we did together and where we met this year, we met at the official open day tour in the beginning of the year, celebrated youth day together, you came with your friends and co-workers to touch lives of our children during Mandela Day, am sure you remember the glitz, glance and glamor of Woman of Passion and we met again at the Annual General Meeting when we shared our annual results… now take a deep breath and tell me if we haven’t been together through it all, you are right we have been together and am certain we will still be.

You are and will always be a blessing to children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home and to me personally, I cannot thank you enough for your will to give and time you spend with us, I shared some of important projects which we would like to do for the betterment of our children and for the organisation before the year 2021 – remember “Vision 2021” yes – and I know you are taking part in this vision and am sure you are equally excited to see a children’s home paving such a future for children in its care, many more yet to come and the community surrounding it. We still call for your support in making our Vision 2021 an amazing reality aiming to better communities by developing children and youth of today.

Please allow me to let you know that as of the 30th November 2015 we, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, had 87 children in our care, 5 of which will be starting their primary schooling come 2016 academic year, our eldest daughter, Mbali Masemola, followed footsteps of his brother and wrote her grade 12 exams which brings us to wait for her rusts with joy and to walk her into gates of a university for her tertiary education. With the shared good news, we are asking for your help with back to school needs, ranging from school bags, shoes, books, pencils, grey trousers, white/powder blue school shirts – please click here for the complete back to school wish list. We further call for grocery donation during this time of the year, we further call food assistance during this busy period of the year, you can find our food wish-list, which is our standard grocery wish-list by clicking here.

Many of you might be traveling to different destinations this festive period to be with friends and families to celebrate the festive period, on behalf of children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, Staff members, Management and Board of Directors I would like to wish you a safe and joyful festive period.

Mme Anna Mojapelo

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