Woman of Passion Lunch is here

Greetings friends; partners, sponsors and donors of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, I came to thank you for the best and heartfelt Mandela month, botle bo, what a beautiful month you have brought upon our lives during this month.


Am sure by now you all know of our upcoming event ‘Woman of Passion Lunch’ which will be hosted on the 9 August 2015 on our grounds, 138 Steyn Road, President Park, Midrand, 1685. It has been my sister and I’s wish, to one day have a meal with all good souls who believed and supported us from the onset till this very same hour, nothing comes close to what you did and do for the betterment of children of this organization. To me you have been a partner whose presence has and is still beautiful at heart.

I was told by the team after long confirmations that many of our friends and partners will not be able to attend the event given their long weekend getaway plans, as much as I would have loved to see you and spend this remarkable day with you, I wish you a safe trip to your destination, I believe you will be with us in thoughts as we celebrate your path and good deeds in the organization, please be assured that I will be talking about your steps, your presence, your love and your hand in building this organization.To all who are willing to come; still to confirm or might have missed the invitation, please note that we only have six tables left, you can still reserve a seat for R300 or a full table at a cost of R3000 as I truly wish to see you attending this event. I wish to see your face and remember the day when you said “together we will pass through this and all will be okay”.

A question you might have is “why is this event so important to New Jerusalem Children’s Home and to me and my sister?”

My answer is; this organization is here because of you, you believed and saw a need to help us, my sister and I, in answering a call to help and better lives of the orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children. Remember your first donation/sponsorship to this organization, am sure you do and I believe you received a letter from us thanking you, to me a letter has never been enough, the dream has always been to tell you of the difference you are making, have made to these children and how much you have made me look forward and walk with courage, your hand and presence has always kept my passion awake and I always wanted to tell you this on a dinner table, luckily lunch came first.

The second thing and very important to us as sisters and for the wellbeing of our children; in this event we will be introducing our vision which aim further developing our children, remember 15 years ago they were toddlers, today they are teenagers, by introducing the vision we will also once again asking for your help. Closer to my heart and immediate to the vision is the building of boys residential unit which worries me daily. New Jerusalem Children’s Home fundraising team managed to raise R400 000.00 towards the building of the unit thorny to me, we only in need of R2.9 Million to make it R3.3 Million with which we can shelter our boy’s well, we believe this amount can be attained only if we meet and have a meal together, if you come with friends and share ways of building a better roof over our boys heads. Most importantly we want to have a meal with you and walk down the memory lane.

You are welcome to contact our communication’s team and reserve a table should you wish to dress to kill and walk on the purple carpet with us, you can also forward messages if you would have wished to be part of the celebration but won’t make it to the event, you can pledge towards the building of a residential unit for boys and send a voice or video clip. Our Communications team can be reached on Comms@njch.org.za or Pro@njch.org.za

Nothing will make me happy more than seeing you on the day, you have always been beautiful to me and to children of this organization.

Mme Anna Mojapelo, CEO

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