What keeps you going?

On a way to KZN

Mother and son on leave of absent

Many things; many things keep us going, many to start counting or listing, closing our eyes to try and think of the one thing which keeps us awake might take a bit of time, how about we turn our eyes to our children, husband/wife, siblings or parents, the thought is beautiful, that much I can tell you.

At New Jerusalem Children’s Home – you do, yes you keep us going andnot only us you also keep those closer to you going with love, joy and inner smiles – Yes – you do, they might not have told you how much you matter in their lives but please be assuredthat as much as you never tell them that they are a reason you keepgoing they will equally not share their appreciation and feeling about your importance in their lives, but hey you are a pillar to many – ourselves included.

Please turn to the picture, mother and son – the son is the happiest child, he would run to you with so much love and giggle, he makes lifting a child up to be so joyful, he lands in one’s arms with so much babe love and trust.

Hearing his mother say “how do I ever thank you for this love and care you are giving my child” asking in Zulu, her head facing down – giving the utmost motherly respect, you could read from her tone and face how much she wants to be the one giving this joy to her child, you could see how much she is appreciating her baby’s love and joyful face – its easy to say “seeing her child happy keeps her going, it keeps her pushing for stability in her life so she could one day have her child and enjoy this pure love while providing for him”

What keeps us going as people of New Jerusalem Children’s Home? Faces we are entrusted with happy and presenting an image of a child which cannot be labelled or stigmatised because of its background or a home its nourished from. Question, who makes lives of children in our care better, who keeps them going? True, you are right – its you, your many support and will has kept and continues to keep us and our children going, peaceful souls keep growing and seeing a better tomorrow because of you and there is no better way of thanking you for your selflessness.

As we enter into the third month of 2016 we would like to ask for your assistance, your friends, family members and the many people you live with to please assist us with our food wish-list. (please click here to download) It is a long a long list which feeds 88 children with different medical and social challenges, you don’t have to focus on the whole list, you and your friends or family can focus only on sponsoring the home with specific items on the list, you can choose to focus on breakfast needs, or laundry and cleaning needs, support the home with children’s lunch box needs, only with rice/Macaroni/Millie Meal – you can select a few items from our wish list and sponsors us with items of your choice, what you choose to support us with will keep us going, that much we assure you.

You might wish to support us but not have time to go to the shops and to drive to our home to make your donation, we do understand that we are living in busy days and time is limited, New Jerusalem Children’s Home would like to encourage you to support directly into our account (Bank: Absa |Branch: Midrand | Branch code: 632005 | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions)

Nothing in our home goes unrecognized, we thank you for keeping us going for so many years and for your presence till this day.

Let’s keep going – cheers

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