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Its amazing how children enjoy being exposed to new things in their lives, be it educational or social.


Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home working on a Robot

Saturday 12, March 2016 – New Jerusalem Children Home joined Girls Invent at the University of Johannesburg to learn robotics and coding, an event which aimed at continuing the painting of a bigger picture for children and youth of the home in using their PiLab (computer lab) and learningcoding languages including careers they can study in Information Technology –coding and robotics.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home has a computer laboratory which offers children of the home an opportunity to be learn coding using different coding languages. Girls invent felt the need of exposing the children to the academic reality of what they study in their very own home, University of Johannesburg provided theory of coding and ending the day with practical work. It offered the children an opportunity to write a code on a robot and command it to do as written on the code.

“Children are special, showing them how to do things at an early age and exposing them to careers that impact their everyday lives will certainly ensure the better tomorrow” said Thuli of Girls Invent – we do not have to wait for our children to complete Grade 12 or during Grade 12 academic year before we talk careers and introducing them to the many available study fields, it will only confuse them and make them to be educationally vulnerable, she added. “I feel honored to be brought to UJ, I have always heard my school mates take about it, it was a wish for me be brought her and it has came true, being seated and learning between walls of UJ is beyond a dream and am confident that upon completion of my secondary school education this will be my tertiary education institution” said a Grade12 student from the home”. I want to study Accounting but having have been told and saw what coding is capable of am thinking of packing my first career option and explore coding” said Siyabonga – child from New Jerusalem Children’s Home.

Nothing bits conversation between children about an experience they just had, correcting each other on how something was meant to be done, as much as we have sent 30 of our children to UJ to be exposed to coding and robotics, as much as we have a computer lab on site we do not see all our children perusing coding/robotics as a career, they are a many career opportunities which we wish our children to be exposed to and make their own informed decision when facing a varsity application form, its important for every child to be exposed to career opportunities from an early age as said by Girls Invent, this will motivate their everyday schooling and see education with an eye for success.

New Jerusalem Children’s home welcomes all corporates and individuals who wishes to host our children, to expose them to careers and passion between their walls and on their floors – one of them, children, might have interest in your line of work and develop an academic interest going forward. This simple step will inspire a child to build his/her life around something beautiful through a simple walk/chat you would have had with him/her.

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