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We have tried and are still trying to complete the primary school building block – as we keep on traying to work towards the finishing of the building project, remain humbled by your support, seeing the school building on a level it is on and thinking of how many of you have supported and still looking forward to supporting the educational project, can you believe that to complete the school, New Jerusalem Children’s Home needs only R618 349.80 – the needed funds/recourse will assist in sourcing the – tiles, plumbing finishing’s, gutters, electrical finishing, pavement and the finishing paint for the outside walls.

We are aware that many of you are feeling and or have felt the hard-economic pinch of the year 2019 – New Jerusalem Children’s Home has felt it and is stilling feeling it. Amazingly, It remains humbling to recall that in these tough economic times, so many of you have managed to assist us with the construction project of the educational structures and many more needs of the home, the building of a school block and the multipurpose center taking the center stage. Irrespective of the amount of budget cuts and companies restructuring in South Africa, so many of you held our hand and provided assistance with recourses – some of you felt providing resources alone is not enough, you came onsite and rolled your sleeves and got down with the physical work required in the building – plastering, cleaning/clearing the site, while a great number of you joined in painting brushes and rollers.

Speaking of painting and painting work, Nicole Heiman – went a step farther and dedicate her time and her organization, CEEP – to sourcing, inviting and managing painting volunteers at New Jerusalem Children’s Home – her aiming being to color the walls of the school and multipurpose with an undercoat paint, to make them ready for painting and use by the children, ready to be a home for educational, teaching and learning. New Jerusalem Children’s Home encourage any group of people who wish to use the service of a professional person to coordinate their painting volunteering work, to contact Nicole Heiman on – however, you are most welcome to visit the home to see the outstanding painting needs of the school.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home is now closer to finishing the school building project, the needs are no longer many – the organization is currently needing finishing paint for the outside walls, inside walls are painted and complete. The biggest painting work is needed on the outside walls and the pillars of the school. Painting work ranges from putting the second layer of the undercoat paint to putting the finishing painting – colors which will interest a child and which are also environmentally friendly – the remaining painting work is estimated at about R25 000.00, the estimate does not include the workmanship, as we believe you and your friends and possibly your collogues might wish to volunteer your time and paint, we have three professional painters who are in-house and they will certainly help you on the day.

Apart from giving the building, the school a color and brightening it – painting, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, needs the following – to complete the school building, this are key building material, obtaining them will certainly see the school being officially opened and seeing the children getting their Montessori education in a well-built structure. New Jerusalem Children’s Home would like to invite you to please assist us with one of the following building needs-

Putting on the floor tiles in the classrooms, passages, offices/principal and staffroom of the school and the bathrooms
Estimated at R250 592,00

Finishing and running water
Basins and
Toilet sets
Plumbing cost is estimated at R86 000.00

Installing the fascias, gutters and down pipes on the roof of the school and the hall
Gutters cost as quoted R40 750,00

Pulling electrical wires and
Installing electrical finishing’s, plugs and switches
Estimate at R64 807.80

Pave the front court of front courtyard of the school (1008 square meters)
Estimated R151 200.00

New Jerusalem Children’s Home understand that to you may wish to pledge your support direct into the supplier of one of our needs, you are most welcome to ask for a quotation of the above needs from New Jerusalem Children’s Home – however you most welcome to make your pledge direct into New Jerusalem Children’s Home bank account and we will source the material you may wish to provide us with, New Jerusalem Children’s Home account is: –

Absa | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Branch: Midrand | Branch code: 632005 | Account type: Business Current Account | Account name: New Jerusalem Chidrens Home | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions

You are most welcome to contact us on 010 224 0458 | 082 739 5177 | 082 732 7832| for any supporting documents and or to request for a Section 18A (PBO) certificate for any made donation.

We thank you and continue to ask you to share our request with your friends and family and people you spend you know.

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