A mind clearing view

Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home viewing a lake from the mountain. Photo by Michael Handel.

Has it ever occurred to you, how breath taking it is to visit a place you always see on donated travel magazines and on a television set – finding yourself on such a place is somehow magical and it always feels a bit unreal, you would even wish someone could pinch you, just to see if you not dreaming, to see if your body and soul is truly on the grounds you have always dreamed of visiting – these are words faces and the energy in voices of the Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, said on their return from hiking in Magaliesburg on Saturday, September 7, 2019.

The remarkable and breath taking hiking experience was organized by Michael Handel and Camilo Ramada, patriot(s) – donors and friends of the home, who have seen a bigger need and a gap in our children’s lives and took it upon themselves closed – a gap of getting going out and just be you, far from the walls you have always seen, just to be you and appreciate all what the many people do for you so you could be a self-sufficient person who will positively contribute to the wellbeing of the larger communities in the near times.

It remains very important to give the children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home an opportunity to introspect themselves, to look at themselves without anyone watching and without any fear of being questioned of their yesterday’s mistakes – surly – while walking up and down the narrow hiking path of a hiking spot, making a way for others, sharing the narrow walk ways of the mountain – sharing the little a bigger mountain can possibly offer – a safe narrow path.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home – NJCH – provides key and needy services to the children and youth – residential facilities, which provide a shelter and educational facilities, however children need more, something to clear their mind, to talk about and to reflect on.

Think of a child who came to the home – New Jerusalem Children’s Home, after s/he suffered psychically/socially and or who has medical challenges – now, smile and think of what the power of a morning breeze on a mountains and cool soft winds with small particles pf water can do to a mind of a young person.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home needs R150 000.00 on a monthly base to address its operational needs – Water, Electricity | Education, School Fees | Health | Transportation | Maintenance – the above-mentioned amount is needed to add on to the amount the home is receiving from the Department of Social Development. We know the economy is not doing well – a number of people are losing their jobs and companies are closing down – it is even getting difficult to ask for support – let alone asking for money.

There is no doubt – New Jerusalem Children Home needs financial support from you, your friends and family – the home wishes to ask for R250-00 from you on a monthly base. We believe that a total 600 men and women making a monthly donation of R250 will certainly grant R150 000-00 to New Jerusalem Children’s Home on a monthly base. The Board of Directors and Management team of New Jerusalem Children’s Home understand that we are facing a difficult economic time – we equally believe that a number of us coming together will certainly better lives of the children.

Please pledge your support direct into Absa | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Branch: Midrand | Branch code: 632005 | Account type: Business Current Account | Account name: New Jerusalem Chidrens Home | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions)

You are most welcome to contact us on 010 224 0458 | 082 739 5177 | 082 732 7832| Raymondm@newjerusalemchildrenshome.org for any supporting documents and or to request for a Section 18A (PBO) certificate for any made donation.

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