SMS “Brick” to 38585

SMS “Brick” to 38585

SMS “Brick” to 38585

There are days and times when you want to make an immediate donation towards a charity organisation, times when you want to impact a life with what you have at that point.

Often we as an NGO call for financial assistance towards our goal and or towards the organizational sustainability through media channels or a by word of mouth though friends and partners of the organisation. In many occasions, you may immediately wish to assist without going out of your way,you may want to help with what you have at that point –we therefore agree with you when you say “it should not be hard to make a difference in charity Organisations irrespective of where you are” New Jerusalem Children’s Home ‘NJCH’ has finally introduced an easy way for you to assist with funds as you once requested, the donation SMS line.

As an organisation we do understand that SMS donation lines are a bit of a challenge to many; the SMS donation has a bit of a bitter experience to many. There is nothing disturbing than your airtime being taken without your concern and only to be told by the network service provider that you have subscribed to a certain mobile service through a short SMS code, nothing is even more frustrating than certain portion of your airtime being taken on a monthly base and being told that you agreed to sharing your airtime with a certain organisation while you were only told it’s a once off goodwill SMS donation. New Jerusalem Children’s Home understand all this worrying factors and we would like to assure you that all this has been considered.

How has NJCH considered SMS donation line worries, which people have?

NJCH has partnered with a leader in the industry, who dedicate his business life to creating relationships with customers, a service provider who took five months off his time to try and understand why would NJCH need an SMS line if it can ask its donors/sponsors and partners to make donations direct into its organizations bank account. After a long back and forth conversations, the service provider then advised NJCH to sign-in for a goodwill donation type of SMS line, which can be trusted by users. This are assuring conversations which we would like to assure you that we have tried to perfect our approach in getting this SMS line, please feel free to SMS “Brick” to 38585, you will only be charged once and the next time you will be charged will be when you send the second SMS.

What does it meaning?

New Jerusalem Children’s Home will not take anything from your airtime balance if you do not SMS – “Brick” to 38585.

When will your airtime be deducted?

New Jerusalem Children’s Home will only take R10-00 (ten rand) from your airtime balance only when you SMS “Brick” to 38585

How many times will your airtime be taken?

Once – 38585 is a once-off good will donation type of an SMS line, R10-00 (ten rand) from your airtime balance will only be taken when you SMS, if you don’t SMS the word “Brick” to 38585 then, no money will be taken from your airtime balance.

What does NJCH wish to attain with the SMS line?

New Jerusalem Children’s Home wish to build a 556 square meters building, boys residential unit to shelter 40 orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth. The proposed building is costed at R3.8 million, we wish to ask all men and women to assist us in raising funds towards purchasing of the bricks for the buildings brick work. We managed to put the slab for this structure, a slab which costed R348 000-00, we now need to continue with the brick work, we believe men and women from all walks of life can assist, we believe you can assist through sending an SMS or making a greater funds donation or making a building material donation. The first and immediate way is through the SMS line (“Brick” to 38585) we believe this is an immediate channel for you to make a donation and assisting us raise funds towards adequately sheltering boys of the home.

Can you still make a donation into the bank account of the organisation?

The SMS line (38585) will only allow you to make a donation of R10-00 (ten rand) once off, the next time you will be charged this amount is when you send an SMS (“Brick” to 38585). You may wish to make a donation greater than R10-00 (ten rand) towards the building of a residential unit or towards the welfare of the home and its children, therefore your donation can be made direct into our back account, which is with: Absa |Branch: Midrand | Branch code: 632005 | Account type: Business Current Account | Account type: Business Current Account | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Account name: New Jerusalem Chidrens Home | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions)

Are there any tax benefits by making a donation towards this building or NJCH?

New Jerusalem Children’s Home is a non-profit organisation and qualifies as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). This allows a tax benefit to New Jerusalem Children’s Home donors. New Jerusalem Children’s Home may issue Section 18A receipts for bona fide donations, which allows for donations of up to 10% of taxable income to be deducted from such income, as stated in the Act.

Where to start?

SMS “Brick” to 38585 and make a once off donation of R10-00 (ten rand) toward the building of boy’s residential unit. Share the SMS line with your friends and family, let all those around you join you and assist in making a different in a child’s life. The second thing to do is simple to keep us in your heart and bring us up in conversations.

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