160km for boy’s residential unit

“It is that time again, time for me to let my running passion touch and better the lives of children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home” – said Mr Thabo Pooe – smiling and taking a relaxing position.

Mr Thabo Pooe

Mr Thabo Pooe

Thabo Pooe will be amongst many runners on the starting line of the 40th Washie 100 miles (160km) marathon, which will begin on the street of Port Alfred. Mr Pooe will be heading to East London with children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home at heart, his participation in the 2016 Washie Marathon is to raise funds for NewJerusalem Children’s Home boy’s residential unit.

In 2012 Mr Thabo Pooe ran the race and raised R27 000.00 for the home through cash donations, Thabo’s dedication for 2016 is to raise, R50 000.00 towards the construction of the boy’s residential which will be commencing on the 4th August 2016, shortly after his race. The boy’s residential unit is costed at R3.8 million – Thabo’s donation will be committed towards the material of the building to allow full continuation of the brickwork.

Boys slab_31

Completed boys residential unit slab

“This year I am planning to raise R50 000.00 and I cannot do it on my own without your support. I will pledge R15.00 for every kilometre I will run and appeal for the following support from you: A pledge of any amount that you can afford and it could be done by pledging for every kilometre I run and essential supplies e.g. toiletries, nappies, towels, blankets, clothing or any other donation you might deem fit” Said Mr. Thabo Pooe.

“It is through people like Mr. Thabo Pooe that New Jerusalem Children’s Home is where it is today; truly Mr Pooe is one of the kind. It is not an easy thought to dedicate your passion and love towards improving the lives of vulnerable children and youth. We are grateful to Thabo Pooe and all those who will be running the race and all those who will be sponsoring and pledging towards the boy’s residential unit” said Mme Anna Mojapelo.

Truly Thabo is right by saying “26 hours on the road can be very lonely” you too can join him and do 30 or so kilometres to give him and other runners a moral boost.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home wishes to officially open the boy’s residential unit on the 15th December 2016 – the 556 square meters building will have the capacity to accommodate 40 orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized and vulnerable children and youth of the home. New Jerusalem Children’s Home call upon all charitable hearts to sponsor and pledge towards the boy’s residential unit. Mr Thabo Pooe is playing his part, lets also join, SMS “Brick” to 38585, to make a once-off donation of R10.

We all can run the race with Mr. Thabo Pooe. Mr. Pooe has asked men and women from all walks of life to join him, to join him through any additional donations – you can pledge any amount per kilometre he will be running or you can assist with the building material towards the boy’s residential unit/gifts for children/toiletries or groceries (please click here for the organisations monthly wish list)

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  1. I am so proud of ntate Pooe. Doing it for a good course, I will make a donation .
    You make running a purposeful,cool sport

  2. I am so humbled by people like Mr. Pooe. Good luck Sir, and wish you all the luck.

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