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Wendy Tinarwo, BA Public Relations student at – Pearson Institute of Higher Education, former Midrand Graduate Institute

A young woman gearing for the corporate world.

Orange Babies Montessori Pre-school, New Jerusalem Children’s Home Pre-School gave me the opportunity to work with them. Attaining insight on the problems that the organization faces on a daily basis and finding ways to which the mentioned problems can be rectified. The awareness problem was a more cumbersome task because we found that if people were not well versed with an organization and what it is about we will find it difficult to attain financial support. Thus our first step in this campaign was to ensure that people heard about the organization and they would be motivated to research more on it.

On the 23rd of September at Pearson Institute formerly known as Midrand Graduate Institute an event will take place that will find us raising funds that go towards educating children. This event will take place on Heritage Day as we are bringing together all the different and diverse cultures that surround us. As a Zimbabwean student we will be selling our traditional dishes and cuisine to lecturers as well as students with the motto ‘Help support a child, they are tomorrow’s future.’ The day will be kicked off with our very own Zimbabwean music the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo in order to attract more customers to our stall and sell more traditional food.

This was seen as a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness as well as a pathway that showcases the capabilities of the student to plan and execute a public relations campaign. After tremendous planning we found that more people showed interest in what the organization was about and what it offered because the fliers that were made for advertising purposes made references to Orange Babies Montessori Pre-school.

As a student I would like to thank Orange Babies Montessori pre-school for the opportunity that they gave me to work with them and prepare for the world that we are about to enter. The ability to find problems, understand them and find solutions to these problems seemed difficult at first but with time, patience and understanding of how organization functions I was able to find ways in which both the financial and awareness problems could be rectified.

All proceeds go to charity. – Article by Wendy Tinarwo

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