15 years and charging forward

AGM 2015_332Plans to charge forward were made in what was a very informative day, jam packed with high energy, quality, and inspiring reports on the state of affairs at New Jerusalem Children’s Home and Orange Babies Montessori Pre-School.

On the 17th October 2015 at Gallagher Convention Centre it was officially declared that the joint 9th and 4th Annual General Meeting of New Jerusalem Children’s’ Home – NJCH – and Orange Babies Montessori Pre-School – OBMP – respectively was a success. Echoed in the theme of the day ’15 years and still charging forward’, their dedication to fulfill each’s roles to the highest of standards can be witnessed on a year to year basis as evidenced by the key reports shared on the day.

Key segments for the occasion were delivered by New Jerusalem Children’s Home CEO Anna Mojapelo in the CEO’s report, Board Chairman Dr. Mark Shinners in the chairman’s report, Financial highlights as delivered by company accountant Paul Maduma and a comprehensive summary of Orange Babies as given by its passionate principal, Mr. Marius Van Dorp, not forgetting the gracious close rendered in a vote of thanks by NJCH COO, Phina Mojapelo.

The day would not be complete without the esteemed presence of its key note speaker Colonel Steven Moodley of the Midrand South African Police Service who spoke eloquently about how important it is for social structures such as New Jerusalem Children’s Home to work with law enforcement, and how both can combine to even greater heights to build a greater and safer South Africa as reflected in his statement “we as Midrand SAPS see a relationship between ourselves and New Jerusalem Children’s Home as an important one, where would we take a child who has been found on the street while we conduct investigations? New Jerusalem Children’s Home is housing them for us, be it at any given time of the day or night, there is more I can talk about apart from them being our shock absorber, they also create platforms for us to talk to children during children and youth day celebrations, days like June 16 youth celebration”.

As a commitment to NJCH and OBMP children, parents, partners, sponsors and donors we are obligated to provide a platform every year through which we account to you, on how we have performed, what we have done with finances, and where we are going. It is within this service delivery compliance that we engage the communities out there in hopes to present ourselves as transparent and accountable organizations that are working hard to primarily promote the rights and develop the minds of those labeled as socially disadvantaged. Year by year we aim to build your trust in us and inspire those at grass root level to work towards social relevance in the form of offering service to humanity.

As is said, ‘the only thing constant in life is change’, and that prompts that by this time next year attendees of the 2016 AGM can expect to hear new stories of triumphant news. This is to be expected as CEO Anna Mojapelo spoke about NJCH vision 2021 which highlights major organizational milestones to be achieved by the year 2021 which aligns its purpose in a futuristic problem solving approach to issues in which South African people and government are grappling with on all levels. These highlights resonate with challenges of sustainable energy, food security, child and youth development to the point of creating active citizenship, community engagement and awareness around child right protection, education, safety, and eco friendliness. 2016 will represent another step forward in seeing these forecasts etching closer to become realistic and achievable milestones.

A handshake cannot be achieved if the other is not willing to extend their own hand. Both organizations realize that none of its shared highlights would have been possible over the past 15 years of existence without the help of its numerous friends, partners, sponsors and donors. All those who have left their small footprints over the course of time cannot be forgotten. It would all be incomplete if we did not thank key donors such as Gallagher Convention Center for providing us the venue, Omega Digital for all technical support, Nathan Mariemuthu and CFP Management for being by our side, Afric Oil, Lafarge, Savage Jooste, Pembani, Anglo America, Impumelelo Print, Eazi Access Rental, SAPS, Fortuna Foods, Department of Social Development and many others. It has been an amazing journey counting you in as friends and it stands to be said that there is still a long road ahead full of growth and excitement.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home is ‘15 years old and still charging forward’ we believe we are this far through your support and passion for children, we again come to ask for your continued support for days and years to come, said Anna Mojapelo – CEO of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, adding by saying “we are starting with the expansion of our home in November 2015, we would wish to ask all members of the communities to donate/sponsor building material or essentials, structure we are starting with is a Halfway House for Girls, (Readiness Centre for a girl Child) to get involved in this project you can contact our Marketing Communications or Public Relations on Comms@njch.org.za | pro@njch.org.za | 082 739 5177 | 010 224 0458.

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