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It’s amazing how mind changing it is for a child to meet a person who caters for his/her needs, to see how people who always smile and present goodies to them spend their days, it awakens a child sense of gratitude, it makes a child appreciate every single person who has ever given anything and had ever spent time with them, it makes a child to be more thankful for just being asked his/her name by a visitor at the organisation.

On 29/30 June 2015 children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home visited souls which always touch their lives; men and women in corporates, donors, sponsors, partners of the home to thank them and to present a token of appreciation for their many good deeds for the past 15 years of the organisations being till today and to the future, to present bakery produce baked at New Jerusalem Children’s Home bakery, (Hellios & Vesta bakery) and to voice words from their inner selves thanking and asking for their continued support to the organisation.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home has been in existence for 15 years since its establishment in the year 2000; it opened doors with a girl child born with health challenges, today it’s a home to 87 children, many of them already reunited with their families and some being adopted by loving and caring families despite health and social challenges which brought them to the home. As we celebrate 15 years of our being; we had good men and women from all walks of life coming to touch our children and to better their lives through donations, sponsorships and most importantly spending time with them. Today our children have grown to be teenagers, most of them celebrating their 15th birthdays, brought up to be these loving beautiful children whom their future has been made possible by many donors, sponsors, parents, sister and brothers from all walks of life, it has become important for our children to say “thank you” to many who have touched their lives, the 29/30 June 2015 has been days when are children went out to donors, sponsors, partners and individuals of the home to present their appreciation and to says words of thanks in person.

As we moved from one donor/sponsor to another; one of our children, John Sibanda, said “guys all this people we have seen are busy, they have meetings after meetings yet they have time to come out to our home and spend time, play and even bring things for us, when I grow up I want to be like them” his tone said it all, his head down, slowly saying these words, this on its own shared inner gratitude and awakened something in him which will never be taken away.

Mme Anna Mojapelo; CEO and Founder of the home said “people always come and donate things, spend time with the children, which they not have given the busyness of life, during donors visit it is only when we line up children and say our words of gratitude which I have always felt our children can do more to truly show their appreciation and see how blessed they are to have donors and sponsors coming to them” she added by saying “our children visiting donors, sponsors and partners of the home looking at them and saying thank you will change our children’s lives forever and during these two days we have seen that transformation in children who asked to be in a bus to our stakeholders.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home is a home to 87 children with social and health challenges; which survive on donations, sponsorship and partnerships from corporates and individuals from all walks of life. Established to address a disadvantaged child’s social and health needs, including a child’s educational needs and to provide a shelter for children, it is expected of it to grow and better children’s lives, it’s growth can only be reached through partnership, donations and sponsorships, currently priding itself with its first child in tertiary and another doing Grade 12, more support towards a child educational needs will be needed, the increasing need for a child wellbeing has also challenged the home to expand and raise more children under a safe and protected roof. Individuals and corporate wishing to support can reach the organisation Communications department or 010 224 0460


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  1. That’s a real good thing to do guys and it fosters a sense of responsibility in children. My lovely children you should also say thank you to all workers or employees at New Jerusalem Children’s Home, they are doing great work! I shall forever miss you but still i am happy to have worked with you and will continue to be part of your inspirational story. I love the adoption and reunification part its the best way for successful integration of children in communities and providing them with a platform to be fully independent! God bless the children, and the workers at New J.

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