With gratitude

Down memory lane, early days of New Jerusalem Children’s Home – 18 years ago

The Board of Directors, Management team, staff and the children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, would like to thank you – for always being there for us. Answering a call to give again-and-again, spending your hard earned money on us – we truly appreciate you.

On 1 March 2019 – New Jerusalem Children’s Home entered into the 19 year of its existence. It is through your support, dedication and passion to see the children and youth being given an opportunity to better people in the future. You have never stopped giving the children in our care, an opportunity throughout these years, an opportunity to be sheltered in a child dignifying structure, support to obtain the most authentic child centred education. It is you who makes it possible for our children be transported to and from schools, hospitals, courts and other key areas to obtain child support.

We are thankful and continue to appreciate and value your support. Over the years you have been by our side, you helped us achieve and pass through challenging events, by making capital/funds available to us, it is with a heart filled with gratitude, to say “all what we have, as New Jerusalem Children’s Home, is through your giving – it is all made possible by you” thank you once more.

In the year 2019, New Jerusalem Children’s Home – wishes to present area which needs capital support, we do know and understand that you have the heart to help and move us forward. The home continues to positively impact and care for the orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children.


  • Replacement of the current Toyota Quantum (vehicle) – which has seen its days of transporting the children. R490 569.00
  • Completion of the school building (structural development) – completing the educational/primary school building. R739 000, 00
  • Installing the palisade fence – creating a safety and security environment to separate the buildings R180 000.00
  • Paving the drive/walkway (environmental) – drive and walk of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, continue to be challenging, more during rainy and dusty days of the year. R550 000.00


  • Montessori classroom learning material – with the school building near completion, we wish to have the Montessori classroom learning material, to best enable us to offer Sensorial Learning, Practical Life, Language, Geography, Mathematics, Music & Art. R900 000.00
  • Montessori Classroom furniture – the primary school building, has a need for additional Montessori classroom furniture for learning and teaching in all the 6 newly build primary classrooms R450 000.00
  • School bursary support – New Jerusalem Children’s Home, has four children who are attending their secondary school education in a private institution, the home has a need for an annual educational school fees of R76 800.00

These are New Jerusalem Children’s Home, major wishes – which NJCH has prioritised. We know and understand that it might not be easy for us to obtain our wishes all at once. Our number one need is the completion of the school building and the replacement of the Toyota Quantum – New Jerusalem Children’s Home, welcomes any kind of support and you are not restricted. You are welcome to choose and help us were you are most comfortable to assist.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we enter into the 19 year of our existence and continuation of our commitment to you and the children – becoming one of the best children’s homes in Africa in the provision of holistic and integrated quality care to orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth.

It is important to highlight that, New Jerusalem Children’s Home has a need for R49 000.00 on a monthly base. We would like to ask you to please be our monthly financial sponsor, to help us raise and cover our monthly operational cost and close the R49 000.00 gap, you can help us by making a monthly donation of R250 and or more.

You are most welcome to pledge your support, donate/sponsor directly into Absa | Branch: Midrand | Branch code: 632005 | Account type: Business Current Account | Account no: 40-6878-3216 | Account name: New Jerusalem Chidrens Home | Swift code: ABSAZAJJ (for international transactions)

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